Kwik-Sew 2845 times two

This pattern has been a TNT favorite of mine for years (note that I added sleeves). I especially love it with long sleeves in the summertime for a bit of protection from the strong southern sun. Since we’ll be doing a bit of sightseeing on our vacation these will really come in handy.

Both fabrics are from Textile Studios (who, sadly, no longer carry fabric). This first one is the one I showed a couple of days ago. I couldn’t decide whether or not this was a bit too young for me but I liked the stylized flowers and the colors work well in my wardrobe.


The sheer pink/white devoré jersey has been in my stash for a few years – probably four or five. I kept looking at it, wondering what to make with it. It hit me this morning that it was perfect for this pattern and I LOOOVE it! It is so light and wispy, perfect for a sweltering summer day.

I had originally wanted to use my Merrow perling machine (model 2DNR) to make a tiny serged finish on the edges of the hems but the fabric would not cooperate. I also tried a narrow coverstitch which seemed to overwork the fabric. I finally settled on a narrow 2.5mm twin needle which was light enough and suited the fabric well. I couldn’t eliminate the slight tunnelling so we’ll just call that a design feature. I did consider a raw edge a la Ann but my fabric tended to run a tiny bit so I abandoned that idea. I’ll definitely use it when I make my mesh top!


I love that this fabric is very light and sheer but not sheer enough to show my bra. This is a really good style for this type of fabric because the details make it not as revealing as it would be in a plain tee.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the vintage patterns that Phyllis made me buy on Etsy. Well, she didn’t make me buy them but she did provide a link to a certain fabulous vintage 1970s coat pattern which led (’cause I’m on a vintage coat pattern diet, living in Florida and all) to me being forced to buy other really pretty vintage patterns… Okay, okay, I’m just weak.


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11 responses to “Kwik-Sew 2845 times two

  1. meg

    Great tops! I love the print.

  2. This style is so pretty. I really like both tops but especially the pink one.

  3. Those are very pretty tops. Isn’t it great to have a TNT?

  4. Great shirts! The print on the first one is lovely

  5. Beautiful blouses. I like the print one so much!

  6. Both tops are beautiful! As for the vintage pattern challenge, the one blessing of my hard drive dying is that I’ve lost alot of my vintage pattern links so a measure of temptation has been avoided. Otherwise, I totally understand how fascinating the search and procurement of vintage patterns is.

  7. You make the best tops! Love the second one.

  8. Great looking tops!

  9. I absolutely love what you can do with printed jersey.

  10. Cute tops. Love the light pink one. So pretty.

  11. Beautiful! The only way I have been able to make a twin needle hem lay flat is by using lingerie thread in the bobbin. Its’ slight stretch makes the difference.