New Vintage Patterns

As I mentioned in my last post, Phyllis had sent me a link to a gorgeous 1970s coat pattern on Etsy because she knows I have a weakness for that sort of thing. Well, I am trying to stop buying coat patterns because I so rarely need a coat.

So, I bought these instead:

These two will definitely need a cami!



I want to make this top (without the embroidery!) in cotton voile for my vacation.


Loooove this dress. Shortened, I thought it would be a nice dress for work.


What was I thinking with this? Yes, it’s very pretty but I can’t imagine where I’d wear it. It’s pretty revealing! Maybe for some sort of island vacation…


I thought this would be pretty in a drapey silk for summer. Probably will also require a cami. How creepy are the mannequin’s faces? They look like Stepford Wives!



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23 responses to “New Vintage Patterns

  1. Meredith P

    I remember having that first one. I wish I still did. Everything old is new again.

    • Maria Monteleone

      I have been looking for this particular Stephen Burrows McCalls 4090 pattern since the 70s. I had this pattern and absolutely loved it. I cannot find it anywhere. Would you consider reselling it or even a copy of it? Please let me know. Thank you so much.


  2. becky

    I really like these! They are very revealing-looking though! Who thought the past was a more innocent era?

    That Marlo pattern brings back some memories!

  3. Gigi – you definitely look like a Stephen Burrows and John Kloss girl! These will look great on you with or without the cami 😉

  4. Leslie in Austin

    Lovely little score. I adore the Marlo Thomas McCall’s pattern!!!

  5. Love these patterns! My faves are the first two.

  6. The dress patterns are all elegant looking with their plunging necklines. Looks like you’ll be going to a lot of dances in these frocks!

  7. Connie

    Hey, I made that last one (stamped JOE’S it’s McCalls 6090 I think – can’t see the whole number) I made it when it was released originally in black Quiana Jersey. Anyone remember that fabric. Wow, is this a blast from the past (I hate that phrase) seeing something I used when it was new in the “vintage” category. Yeeesh! That Simplicity 6927 one looks familiar too. I may have made that, or I may have agonized over the purchase – patterns were relatively expensive when I was young & broke with a bunch of wee kiddoes. Maybe that’s why I horde my patterns now.

  8. Wow you hit the jackpot. Those are some great patterns.

  9. Summerset

    LOL! Great patterns, and yes the drawn model’s faces on the last two are a bit creepy.

  10. I love these patterns. I bet you’ll be able to answer the question I pose on my web site tomorrow. (Hint: has to do with Farrah.)

  11. John Kloss! The poor girl’s Halston. Talk about a blast from the past. My college roomate loved “Klossies” those gliitery bras he made.

    And Stephen Burrows – wonderful! Love him too.

  12. Sheri

    OMG! I made that Stephen Burrows dress for my high school graduation in 1974! No bra, no cami, no nothing underneath! I remember going into a graduation party and having the moms tell me how great I looked in that dress. My fellow classmates thought it was way too long, to the knee. I did that lettuce hem on the edge. It was dusty rose. I also wore it to my sister’s wedding that summer. I still have the pattern. You’ll love it – very easy construction.

  13. Love the vintage patterns! So stylish!

  14. Tee

    Wow, it’s amazing how “in” those styles are right now!

  15. Every time you post these “vintage” patterns I have to smile because I can picture you in my pattern cabinet squeeling! I have a lot of these, and others like them!

  16. Lynne Wilson Orr

    I made that John Kloss dress in bright red silky polyester knit and wore it to my prom for my graduation from architecture. My ex boyfriends (2 – don’t ask) were both there drooling and all my professors. Apparently I would have finsihed my masters thesis and graduated 6 months earlier if I had worn the dress to class. It was a fabulous dress and I wore it for years. Easy to make and beautifully designed. Thank you for a wonderful memory.

  17. Pamela D

    I, too, made the John Kloss dress, view B, for my daughter. It’s a gorgeous dress and easy to sew, especially with a serger. I used a deep plum stretch velvet. We used a large amethyst pin to hold the front together for safety. The dress has been loaned out many times – a wash and wear evening dress. I made at least 4 Kloss dresses for myself when I was in college; they are so flattering! Still have the patterns!

  18. Diane

    Your tunic pattern with the embroidery on the sleeve, brought back fond memories. I made that top 34 years ago and remember how long the embroidery part took. I wish I had kept that top.

    I love your blog and wish I could sew like you.

  19. Maria Monteleone


    I’m still waiting to see if anyone is willing to sell me the McCalls 4090 Stephen Burrows pattern or a copy of it. Please let me know. Thanks

    Maria Monteleone

    • Maria ,
      They often have the patterns on ebay, I bought all the burrows patterns they had at one pt for our archives.

      John Miller

      Managing Director “Stephen Burrows” in NYC