Jalie 2794 – Take One

Here’s what I was working on last night: the Jalie Sweetheart Top. This is the first time I’ve made it so I have some more tweaking to do. I made a size R and did a 1″ FBA which I eased in at the side seams. That should have been more than enough but it still felt too snug through the bust. When I really analyzed it closely, I came to the conclusion that the yoke is the problem. I should have seen that coming but you know how it is! What I need to do now is simply move the dart to directly in front of the yoke so that the fullness will actually be where I need it. Other than that, it’s a really nice top that I know will become a favorite basic for me.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I was a bit aggravated last night! My coverstitch machine always purrs along beautifully but here’s what I got instead:


Ack, skipping! Right needle breaking! What is going on???? So, I rethreaded the needles and checked everything several times. It still skips so I change both needles. Still. Skipping. So I decide it’s time to rethread from scratch and notice this:


The right needle thread has somehow become wrapped around the spring on the back of the machine. I take care of that and have another go. Will. Not. Stitch! I investigate and find this:


The looper thread has broken. No big deal, I rethread it, clear my needle threads and begin again. And again. And again. I finally decided that it must be a bad cone of Maxilock. I rethread and Yay! I finally finish my hems.


Yes, I do own downturn fellers but I never use them. It’s just not all that important to me to have the raw edges completely encased by the looper thread. If I don’t get close enough to the raw edge I simply trim the excess with my pelican scissors.

Needless to say, by the time I finished the hems I was very ready for a cocktail!


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14 responses to “Jalie 2794 – Take One

  1. Sally

    Your persistence sure paid off. Lovely top! Sally

  2. I can definately understand the “machine that will not cooperate” issues, I’ve had them more often than I’d like to remember. And isn’t it always when you least need them? Super cute top though.

  3. Such a pretty top Gigi!

    …glad you worked out the kinks in your machine 🙂

  4. I love this pattern too. Your fabric is very pretty.

  5. Meredith P

    Luckily, machines are generally heavy, or mine would have been sailing through the air on many similar occasions. Top looks great, pretty print.

  6. Summerset

    Love the print and thanks for showing your version of this one. I’m ordering a bunch of Jalies and this one is on the list.

  7. Lovely and flattering! You have such a good eye for fit, you’ll make this pattern yours as yet.

  8. Barbara at Cat Fur

    …and that cocktail was well deserved! Congrats on your persistence during machine ‘headspace’. You placed the print on the fabric of your shirt just beautifully!

  9. bonnie

    Love your site for beautiful inspirations. Your latest top is incredible, and a great choice in the fabric print. can you tell me where you bought that pink, white and black print?

    many thanks.

    • Bonnie, I bought it quite awhile ago – either from Textile Studios or Lucysfabrics.com. I can’t remember which but it’s no longer available, I’m sure.

  10. Shirley

    I’m so glad you could work out your problems. Why do machines ‘test’ us like this lol.

    Beautiful top, you are very clever!

  11. Elaine

    I am looking for tracing paper for patterns,what do you suggest? I have heard of white pattern paper called Trace-A-Pattern but it is not to be found. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Elaine

  12. Elaine

    Hi Gigi, I guess my previous post did not take. Can you recommend what the best pattern paper is to copy patterns. Thanks, Elaine in Arkansas

    • Elaine, I use examining table paper – available from any medical supply. I buy it by the case and it lasts many years. Once I get a pattern perfected I copy it onto manila paper for a nice permanent pattern.