1940s Beach Coat

I decided to see if I could find a beach coat pattern similar to the one in my previous post. Right now I can’t justify spending $50+ dollars on a pattern for a swimsuit coverup that I’ll wear a few times a year. I got lucky – look at what I found on Ebay:


I adore the square armholes (I honestly like them better than the cut-on sleeves in the other pattern) and I can easily modify the sleeves and collar. Of course, I’ll add the D-shaped pockets with a ginormous vintage-style monogram! With shipping, this set me back only $8.88.


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12 responses to “1940s Beach Coat

  1. Gail Daigh

    Gigi, you very graciously answered some sewing questions for me a while back, and now I’ve discovered your blog. I enjoy yours more than any other and just love it when you post something! I too like this pattern. What kind of fabric do you plan to use?

    • Thank you, Gail, you are so nice! I would like to find a nice terry cloth but I may go for cotton pique instead since I have some in my stash already. It’s so hard to find a good terry!

  2. You made the right decision Gigi! This is an awesome design. I too have always loved a square armysyce (La Fred’s square armysce blouse has alwasy been a big fave of mine.) And those big pockets will be perfect, natch. I can’t wait to see the monogram!

    • Oh yes, I’ve made that La Fred blouse many times over the years! I stopped making it when Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond started wearing it every week in a different print. :-O I think this pattern will work out really well.

  3. Lindsay T

    Ooh, yes, make it a big honkin’ monogram. Can we count on you to wear a turban too? We’ll need a poolside glamour shot with this one, Gigi.

    • Well, I don’t know about the turban. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but I do have that big, round face…

      It will be really nice not to hang around poolside with one of my tacky beach towels wrapped around my hips!

  4. That’s a fantastic beach cover-up. It is so classy, so Joan Crawford! I love it!

  5. It’s gorgeous! It reminds me of the classic jackets worn back in the Golden Age of Hollywood.

  6. Yes, and with high heels of course! And a long cigarette holder! Congratulations on finding this very nice pattern.

  7. Hey I just noticed the woman on the right is wearing gladiator sandals!

  8. vernonfashionstudio

    I love that jacket. Makes me think of Lucy Ricardo and a coat my mom had. It will be great as a beach coverup but as a coat, it would be killer.

  9. Joan Crawford would love those shoulders and they make a great shoulder to have a lot of “swing” to this cover-up. Sometimes the drawings are just as much fun as the pattern.