Yep, I’ve gone crazy!

Many of you know of my aversion to florals. Mmm, aversion might be too strong a word because I do actually like florals. I just think they are very tricky for mature women because they can either look too 17-ish or too matronly. When I do choose a floral it’s usually something very stylized. I don’t know what happened here, all I can say is that I loved this print the moment I saw it!

Because this would be a “whole lotta look” on a petite person, I thought it best to stick with a small garment. I also thought it would be a good idea to chop up the print a little so the Jalie Sweetheart Top was a good choice. I still need to stitch the hems which I’ll hopefully get to tonight after dinner.

You know I tried very hard not to have a big flower near the bust but I finally gave up! 🙂


I moved my FBA to the yoke seam and I am very pleased with the fit this provides. I may also try moving it to the neckline. This is a really great basic pattern that I anticipate making many, many times.


Because I liked the fabric so much on the first version, I took it apart and recut a new front after I’d made the changes to my pattern. I am much happier with it.


I had hoped to get much more sewing done this weekend but my pool pump had other ideas. I was not happy about that *at all* but I do now know how to change the impeller in a pump!


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28 responses to “Yep, I’ve gone crazy!

  1. Michelle Jadaa

    lol i’m the same with florals,but your right that first one is a beauty!!!

  2. I love both of these tops . I really need to buy this pattern one day .

  3. I love the tops! I’ll have to try that FBA move.

  4. Really love your new purple sweethearts! Many of your old TNTs were KS but an odd thought just flitted in–you can tell they’re not KS designs as the hem is not at the high hip. How does a lower hem ‘sit’ on a petite woman?

    • Well, this one is a bit too long but a longer length is good with lower rise pants. If I get them too long (past the crease at the upper thigh) I look like I’m all torso and no leg.

  5. Egads, that top is just so beautiful it makes me smile and smile and smile. I love florals, but not necessarily wearing them for all the reasons you mention. But that top. Perfect. Summer. Joy.

  6. Mechelle

    LOVE the new top!! I would have never chosen such a large print for the sweetheart top – but it looks GREAT!

  7. Shelley Petavini

    Both tops are scrumptious! How does one move the FBA to the yoke seam? I have made this top and think I need this adjustment rather than going up a size. Thanks!

    • Shelley, all you have to do is rotate the bust dart to the yoke. I slashed the yoke open in two places to make it easier to true it.

  8. I’m not a fan of florals. I’ve got to ask, how many knit t-shirts can a girl wear? Don’t get me wrong, I love them all.

    • Well, when you wear mostly jeans and shorts, you need a lot of tees! Plus, their lifespan is pretty short so there’s always a need for more.

  9. Both tops are very pretty. You’ll enjoy wearing them.

  10. Oh Gigi, those tops are beautiful! I love the fabrics (very much) 🙂

  11. What pretty and stylish shirts!! They aren’t just t-shirts, they are shirts that can be dressed up or down!

  12. I think the floral is lovely. It is a good idea to use prints like that in small amounts. I also love the 3/4 sleeves; that style is so elegant!

  13. Lindsay T

    Nice tops, Gigi! Purdier than anythin’ storebought.

  14. Cindy

    OMG that floral is beautiful!

  15. Both tops are great looking! I have to get this pattern.

  16. Kathy

    I need to find florals this weekend and sew something! The top is GORGEOUS! Both are!

  17. Claudia


    First of all please excuse my bad English. It´s only school-english. But school was a lot of years ago.
    I´m a German sewer.Yesterday I saw the wonderful flower-Shirt (Jalie-Pattern?) on your sewing-blog.
    If I understood it correct, you made a FBA on it. Now my question: How do I have to make this, if the pattern has no dart?
    Would you be so kind to you make a photo from the altered pattern? It would be very nice from you.
    I hope you were able to understand my english. Have a nice day.

    Claudia from Germany

    • Hallo, Claudia! I first add a dart for a fuller bust. Instead of sewing the dart, I move it to the yoke and gather the excess fabric. When I have some time I will post a few pictures so that you all can see. Ich hoffe Sie verstehen das – und mein schlechtes Deutsch! Wenn ich ein bischen zeit habe schreibe ich weiter darum, mit Bilder.

  18. Well you know that I that I’m with you 100% on florals, but that really just means it has to be the right kind of floral and the first one is a good example; the scale is so big that it really is stylized and almost abstract in a body conscious top; as a dress it would be overwhelming and aging.

  19. Gigi…both of these tops are just TOO fabulous !
    You made just the right choices matching fabrics and silhouettes. Brava!

  20. Debbie

    I stop by occasionally and I absolutely love the Jalie top in the watercolor floral. Would you by any chance share the source of the fabric? I remember seeeing something like it but was afraid it was too large a print. Seeing it made up I don’t think that is aproblem. Beauiful sewing.

    • Debbie, I bought the fabric from Bestonlinefabrics on Ebay. I’ve bought a lot from them over the years and have always been very satisfied. I buy from less than a handful of vendors regularly and they are one.

  21. OP Gal

    Yikes! I’m a “woman of a certain age” and love florals. I haven’t given a thought to the fact that they might make me look like I’m trying for the seventeen look or that they might make me look too matronly. Not that I am matronly, you understand. I guess I’d better watch it from now on. Thanks for the heads up. By the way, I love your Jalie top, and the soft floral.

  22. Shari

    Thanks for the FBA info. I’m looking forward to more details. I’m learning more about FBAs and have the basics down pat, I think. But some of the Jalie patterns are so unique that they require a bit more experience than I have just now. Thanks for letting me borrow your expertise.

  23. Love the Jalie sweetheart top. Did you find time to show the FBA?