New Look 6870

It has been hotter than Hades the past few weeks and I’ve been craving some loose, whispy tops instead of my usual body-conscious styles. I do love a peasant blouse and have quite a lot of patterns to choose from, both vintage and contemporary.

This one from New Look immediately caught my eye because it isn’t too voluminous. I made View B.



I started with a size 8 and tissue-fitted the pattern. I was really surprised that I didn’t appear to need a full-bust adjustment. The only alteration I needed was a sway-back tuck. Still, I wanted to make a trial garment before cutting into my beautiful silk georgette. I’ve had this black folk-art floral in my collection for quite a number of years. I bought it in Hialeah with my friend Elaine and my late friend Barbara – that’s how I know it must be at least 6 years old. It was sold as rayon but I had my doubts about that. A burn test revealed that it is indeed polyester but it did pass the breathability test, probably due to the open weave of the fabric. If you want to see if a synthetic will breathe simply blow through the fabric lightly.

The only change I made to the pattern was to eliminate the neckline elastic and button/loop closure. Instead, I used a self-fabric bias tube.


Here is the back. Next time, I will probably eliminate the ties.


This top goes together very quickly and will work well with both pants and shorts. I’m really happy with the fit: loose but not baggy.

I think I’ll give it the wearability test later today and then cut into this beautiful silk georgette that I purchased from Textile Studios a few summers ago.


I don’t know how much sewing time I’ll have this week as work has been so busy! Which is why I don’t feel too bad about neglecting my household chores and spending time in my sewing room this weekend. 🙂

And, as an aside, if you were thinking about going to see the new Harry Potter movie, don’t bother. I was extremely disappointed!


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16 responses to “New Look 6870

  1. Lovely! That is such a gorgeous print.

  2. I love your top! Sheer is definitely the way to go when looking for a looser-fitting top. Great fabric as well.

  3. CarolynGM

    I made the same pattern in seersucker about a month ago. It’s getting a lot of wear on hot days!

  4. You have the best fabrics for tops! This one is the marriage of a great pattern and a fantastic piece of fabric…love it!

  5. Great top – the fabric is funky!

  6. Gorgeous fabric–both of them. Your trial top is lovely.

  7. Sally

    What a gorgeous trial garment. I can’t believe it’s a trial–I hope you’ll be wearing it! Love the fabric, love the pattern style, love everything about it. You certainly did a great job of matching fabric with pattern style. Sally

  8. Thanks for posting this- I hadn’t noticed that pattern before and now I have to have it! I’m glad to hear no FBA is necessary- I have trouble with those. And I also appreciate the tip on the breathability test for poly- I’m in FL too so I’ll be putting that to use right away! Love both of those fabrics too!

  9. cidell

    The print is a lot of fun. But, I’m sorry the new Harry Potter isn’t that great.

  10. Oh I love that folk art print!

  11. Usually I don’t like these sorts of tops because they have little or no fit, but this has all the right elements…those darts in front (on the bra part) and the tie in back so it can offer a little shape. I love it and am going to try and do this up pronto…It’s hot here too!

  12. Donna

    Lovely top and am looking forward to seeing it in the silk georgette. You have mentioned work a few times in your blog – what kind of work do you do ?

    • I work in the grocery industry as a manufacturer’s rep/merchandiser. Boring, but it pays the bills! I also help out part-time in my friend’s sewing machine shop, which I love.

  13. Gigi….I really LOVE this!

    I’ve been looking for a peasant top that is not too “fluffy/floaty”…and this pattern looks perfect!

  14. Great choice! It’s so *you*, and nice that it’s loose but not a sack. NL seems to think no top is complete withour these bewildering back ties, hmm. Thanks for the tip on synthetic breathability, I had no idea. Merci!