Silk Georgette Peasant Blouse

Here it is, done but for the main hem and a few finishing touches. I meet my girlfriends for dinner on Thursday and really wanted to wear this so I completely blew off my housework and laundry on Sunday!


Not only is this blouse really pretty on, it also goes together so quickly! The most time-consuming part is making the neckline casing (it’s turned in twice so there are no raw edges visible). The rest goes fast, even if you make French seams.

I made very thin bias tubing for the neckline. Originally, I had made a wider cord (about 1/4″) but it wanted to twist and turn inside the casing so I removed it. To make the very thin tubing I used the edge of my straight-stitch foot as a guide and then left enough of a seam allowance to fill out the tube for a nice rounded effect. I’m glad I took the time to redo it because it looks much nicer.


Tomorrow I’ll finish the hem and then start planning my next project. Maybe something vintage! Definitely something cool – it’s getting hotter and stickier by the minute!


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15 responses to “Silk Georgette Peasant Blouse

  1. Very pretty top. Enjoy wearing it and have a wonderful day with your friends.

  2. Your blouses and t-shirts are always so pretty and well constructed.

  3. Gig I love that retro pink color, its so hard find nowadays! Pinks are so saturated now – I miss the old pinks.

  4. Rosemary

    Always inspired by your creations. The tops are lovely and I actually purchased the pattern via download which was an experience I may never do again but I have the pattern in lots of A4 sheets.
    Keep the inspiration coming.

  5. Dotty Ivey

    love the top! You have a great sense of style. People who don’t live here in Florida, absolutely do not understand how hot and sticky it really is here! You always make the perfect thing to wear in our climate!

  6. Mechelle

    Just gorgeous!! You really do have great style and a vision on matching fabric with a pattern!

  7. Absolutely lovely šŸ™‚

  8. Wonderful blouse! That pink color is so nice and feminine, and truly complements the style. I especially love the neckline; you did really nice work on this.

  9. Diane in Michigan

    Lovely top and, as always, beautiful sewing. No harm blowing off a little housework. As I say: “Nobody ever died from a little dust.” :o) As far as laundry goes, I’m betting you’re not going to run out of things to wear anytime soon. As alawys, thanks for taking the time to share your sewing life with us. Blessings, Diane in Michigan

  10. Gigi…this is so very pretty!

  11. Love the print, and how sumptuous in silk georgette on a summer night. Out on the town with the girls, no less–wonderful! Sorry about dating the fabric to your late friend, it must have been hard to cut into it. Did you include the rear ties?

  12. Beautiful blouse! I’m sure your friends will love it!

  13. Kay

    Beautiful blouse! I love it.

  14. Sharon

    That is truly a beautiful color. Love all your projects!