Anna Sui Silk Chiffons

The fabrics for my next project have been chosen! I know it will be another peasant blouse of some sort (are you getting the feeling that it’s unbearably hot and humid here???) and I thought these two Anna Sui coordinates would be perfect. I purchased the white/pink “puffball” chiffon some time ago and found the coordinating print later on. I’ll probably use bands of the coordinate to finish the sleeves and hope I have enough (I only bought a yard) for bias tubes and maybe some piping or bias trim. It says Dry Clean Only but you know I’m going to at least try to wash it. 🙂 DCO just isn’t practical in Florida in the summertime.


And yes, I know I’m using yellow again! Carolyn’s got me hooked…


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11 responses to “Anna Sui Silk Chiffons

  1. I love pink, so you are my kind of gal!
    Beautiful fabrics!

  2. *LOL* Okay seriously it’s not me! But I do love the Anna Sui chiffons…you will look great and be cool at the same time!

  3. Stunning both of them!

  4. Migdalia Y.

    I loved reading your blog…started from the very beginning, well, at least what’s posted here. I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only person obsessed with fabrics, patterns and anything that has to do with sewing.

    ps. you must have a ton of clothes in your closets…it’s just one item after another.

  5. I love those fabrics! The print on the top one is gorgeous! I wish I could buy Anna Sui fabrics over here (NZ). You have got me thinking about peasant blouses for summer when it comes :-))

  6. mmmmmmmm what yummy fabrics!

  7. Those fabrics are just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  8. Sally

    Love this combination. They look so fresh and spring-like. Pink and yellow–what’s not to like? Can’t wait to see the finished garment.

  9. I have those same fabrics and, like you, live in Florida. I pre-treated mine in the wash — baby shampoo wash, hang to dry. Came out beautifully.

  10. Kim

    I love silk too and although the silk satin I bought a while ago said DCO I hand washed it before I made it up and it got its shrinking out of the way then. Worked great for me!

  11. I love the beautiful fabrics, pink fluff balls on silk 🙂