Hot Patterns 3 Graces T-Shirt

Have you seen this new Hot Pattern? I absolutely love it! I’m sure I own every twist top pattern that has ever been produced but this one is so different. I think it will be perfect for some of the solid knits I purchased over the summer.


If you think these tops are difficult to make, you MUST watch the Youtube videos that Hot Patterns has so generously put together for us. They are a snap to make! Here’s a link to Video #1 of 3 – be sure to watch all three.

Three Graces 1 of 3


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9 responses to “Hot Patterns 3 Graces T-Shirt

  1. I just finished watching the Youtubes videos on these and I have to say that it is quite ‘brillian’ (as Trudy says) for them to use the medium in this way because the front of the pattern envelop just looks waaaay too scary for me, otherwise! But Trudy makes it look very simple but it also looks definitely as if you need a dress form to actually get the whole drape thing to work.

  2. I agree, after watching the first clip I wasn’t too sure about whether I would like them, they look much ‘bulkier’ in the flesh than on the pattern envelope. But, after watching the second and third clips I will definitely be adding this pattern to my collection for the spring/summer. I wonder if all that fabric would be too warm for summer? Love the way they are constructed – so clever!

  3. I bought this last night!!!! I am so excited!!!! Love teh long sleeve one!

  4. Cindy

    Very interesting pattern. I’m heading over to watch the videos on this one.

  5. Oh the cowl neck tee sings to me! Will you be making this up soon?

  6. I think Trudy hit a home run with this pattern! The real key to success I think is using the right knit, a thin but heavy and drapey fabric with *no lycra* because that will cling to the body instead of having the vertical drape these styles need.

  7. You’ve been making some great tops lately. This will make a great addition to your collection!

  8. Thanks for the heads up, great looking pattern, off to find out more!

  9. Gigi…I agree, just love this new pattern!
    Can’t wait until mine gets here !