Hot Patterns Marrakesh Pants!!!

I was so excited about the 3 Graces Tees yesterday that I totally missed the new HP drawstring pant – isn’t it great? Every night when I come home, the first thing I put on is a drawstring pant and a tank. It’s all very pajama-like and the most comfy thing I can imagine wearing after a long day. Last Sunday, I wore that “uniform” all day while sewing! I’m embarassed to admit that my drawstring pants are all cheap RTW from Target and I noticed yesterday that one pair was falling apart – after only two months. So, this pattern comes at the perfect time for me to make some quality pants that I can actually wear out in public! I’m washing up some linen and cotton as I write so that they’ll be ready for cutting when the pattern arrives. Tip: washing and drying your linen at least three times makes for a really soft, slightly rumpled pant that does not require ironing.


I also want to say how much I appreciate the Hot Patterns envelope illustrations of late. Instead of the usual 9-heads’ proportioned Amazonian models, Trudy is now drawing real women. Don’t get me wrong, I think her illustrations have always been fantastic – it’s just easier now to imagine how the clothes will look on a normally proportioned figure.

I managed to get the Anna Sui silks cut out today. Having something cut and ready seems to be a recipe for successful weekday sewing for me. Even if I only manage 15 or 30 minutes per day, I feel as if I’ve accomplished something. Are you wondering what happened to the robe I was going to make? I didn’t have any fabric in my collection that I really wanted to use so I put that project on the back burner for now. And I’m looking for a nice terry or velour for the beach coat.


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9 responses to “Hot Patterns Marrakesh Pants!!!

  1. Yep, I ordered both of these too. Only washed the line once. Back to the machine for it!

  2. Gigi a few years ago I made robes for my DD’s from bath sheets because I couldn’t find nice terry at retail. It worked out really well actually!

    • That’s a great idea, Phyllis! So far the only terry I’ve found is really cheap-looking. I should get the beach coat pattern traced off and take it with me to Bed, Bath & Beyond. My back-up plan is cotton pique.

  3. Those are what I call “slouch pants”, and they are wonderful. They are so comfy, and yet cover us up to run to the grocery, or answer the door.

  4. Way back in the 80’d I had a pair of RTW indigo-dyed lienan pants that faded to the most wonderful shade of blue. I wore them to death and I’ve been looking for that fabric every since! This pattern would look great in that kind of textile. Pam’s tennis ball distressing technique might speed up the ageing process nicely.

  5. susan

    I am waiting for these patterns also. I need the ‘slouch pants”. I have just finished 6 pr. of shorts to finish summer and am ready to go for fall/winter. Please review/help on the 3 Graces.. I watched the videoes and have NEVER draped like that.

  6. I just reread your entry, and I was thinking the same thing, didn’t the models used to be taller and skinnier? This is so much more realistic, because as my dd says those tall skinny models are the exceptions.

  7. Linda Seguin

    Gigi- Love reading your website , I love these pants from hot patterns may I ask where you find your linen for them?

    • Gigi

      Hi Linda – how are you??? I found them in my “collection”. 😉 Check Gorgeous Fabrics online – I’m sure Ann has some.