Anna Sui Silk Peasant Blouse III

I worked on the blouse bodice last night. I decided to add a 2″ strip of the contrast to the upper bodice and then bind the center front edges.


Yesterday, Jan pointed out the adorable yellow birds on a wire in the coordinating print. I wish I’d read her reply before I got this far:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s yellow gravity-defying sideways-sitting birds. I really don’t want to redo this! I will just hope that, like me, most people won’t recognize what they are. What do you think?

Because I used bias binding at the center front I needed some other way to close up the lower section since I wasn’t able to stitch it closed the conventional way. Ordinarily, I’d just leave it open but t’s too darn hot to have to wear a cami! I found these vintage mother-of-pearl buttons in my collection and used them to stitch the opening closed. Because silk chiffon is delicate, I backed the opening with a strip of bias handstitched to the binding.


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18 responses to “Anna Sui Silk Peasant Blouse III

  1. Prints don’t have to follow the laws of gravity, even if someone recognizes it as yellow birds. The overall effect is what matters, IMO, and this contrast section is excellent. Don’t worry about it.

  2. The blouse is gorgeous and I love the effects of the birds!

  3. Jan Flaherty

    Your blouse is beautiful! But my devious brain is thinking shish-kabob. (Oh gosh I sure hope you have a warped sense of humor.) But seriously, I love your blouse and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. I have to admit… I had NO idea that they were birds! I thought they were some kind of stylized flower!
    Of course now that you’ve said it I can see them, but it was not obvious before (at least, not to me).

  5. I didn’t realize that they were birds until you mentioned it. Your blouse looks great so far!

  6. The birds are fine. It is a really great looking print.

  7. Summerset

    Hmmm . . I didn’t realize they were birds, either. I thought they were some part of a flower. Either way, it is a good use of the fabric and looks really nice.

  8. Patti

    Beautiful blouse! If anybody notices the birds, just tell them you are taking a poll on how many people notice that they are birds. I thought they were flowers also.

  9. I like gravity defying birds! I think we need more of them

  10. Are they birds? I hadn’t noticed, but I think they are perfect. Gravity defying indeed.

  11. I like the sideways birds. Personally I used fountains of paris upside down. What works works. I’ve already said so, but this blouse is my all time favourite of yours.

  12. Angela

    I thought it was gorgeous fabric, didn’t notice it was birds though until today’s post!

  13. People won’t notice the sideways birds. I think they’re great Looks like they got into the punch bowl!

  14. Ummm, I thought the birds looked cute that way…so why worry about it?!

  15. countrygirlcouture

    Those are birds? I guess I can kind of see it now…..maybe. Anyway, I think it looks cool, very unique. 🙂

  16. OP Gal

    I had trouble seeing the yellow as birds, even after you mentioned it. It looks like a yellow motif of some kind. I think it looks great.

  17. Gigi….stunning, just stunning.
    ..and I love the added touch of the binding!

  18. Beautiful, don’t change a thing !