Tucked Blouse

Things were pretty hectic yesterday and today so I haven’t been able to finish fitting the shirt pattern I want to make next. I have plans tomorrow night and Thursday night so I probably won’t get back to it until Saturday.

I have almost finished my red rayon georgette blouse though. All I have left is the bottom hem which I may try to finish up real quick now. I made four 1/2″ deep tucks on each sleeve and four 1/4″ deep tucks on the bodice. I had planned on making more on the bodice but I discovered that a good 1/3 of my fabric was flawed so I ran short of fabric. Too bad because the fabric is absolutely beautiful. It has very slight variations in color making it look hand-dyed. (Please pardon the background – I’m in the process of relandscaping my backyard!)



Because I didn’t want the bulk of the tucks (especially on the sleeves) in the neckline casing, I made a separate casing with a crossgrain strip of fabric. Boy, that sure was a lot faster and easier than a 5/8″ double-turned casing!

I hadn’t planned on making yet another blouse with this pattern but when I saw the red georgette I had to do it. I hope it looks different enough from the others but, honestly, I don’t mind having multiples. Even in RTW, I am a repeat offender. 🙂


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12 responses to “Tucked Blouse

  1. You can’t tell the two are the same – so I think you’re safe! 🙂 Love it in the pretty red!

  2. Oh wow, it’s gorgeous!

  3. Summerset

    It’s beautiful! I love the red of course. Because of your fabric choices, I don’t think most people would realize both blouses were made from the same pattern.

  4. Ooo, I love this blouse – perfection!

  5. Fantastic !

    (I really MUST get this pattern!!!!)

  6. Lindsay T

    Loving it! Thanks for the casing tip.

  7. RTW Repeat Offender – oh me too. And you how about using the selvage as a casing? That might work if its a nice looking selvege I also hate to turn under casings!

    • Gigi

      I also thought of making a bias-cut casing with the raw edges out/folded edge in. I might have to try that, it would be really pretty in chiffon.

  8. Very pretty. I love georgette-the weight and drape of it. Beautiful color.

  9. Paula

    Love this blouse, what pattern is it?

  10. Gorgeous. I have a very similar blouse from when I used to buy my clothes that cost the earth. You will wear this often I’m sure.

  11. I love the red! you are going to look so good in it!