Singer 15-91

My new baby’s home! This is a beautiful, shiny 1951 Singer 15-91. It looks like it’s original owner barely used it. Even the wooden case is in beautiful condition (and it has it’s key!).



I’ve wanted this machine for awhile so that I could use my vintage Singer hemstitcher. I do have the attachment for the Featherweight but I think it works better on the 201 or 15-91. Plus, the hemstitcher for this machine is much more common and less expensive – everything for the Featherweight is high priced. I’ll probably sell the Featherweight hemstitcher since it’s unlikely that I’ll use it now. If you haven’t seen what the hemstitcher can do, here’s a sample:


Beautiful, isn’t it?

It’s 6:30 but UPS hasn’t come yet so I’m still holding out hope that the dotted Swiss will arrive!

UPDATE: 7:47, the UPS man just left the fabric on my doorstep! Off to the washer.


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18 responses to “Singer 15-91

  1. Cindy

    Wow, that is in amazing condition!

  2. Sally

    It’s a beauty! And, hope your fabric arrives today. Sally

  3. Could you elaborate a bit more on the hemstitching attachments for both machines?

  4. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy that machine.

  5. Robin

    Wow, that is fab! I just got a vintage linen hanky with this detail and that’s probably how it was done. Please share more of what your machine can do…!

  6. Theresa in Tucson

    Yes, please, a photo of the hemstitcher. I have some Singer attachments that came with my 201 and don’t really know anything about them. Your 15-91 is indeed a beauty. I am envious. My stalwart 15, referred to in this house as “The Mending Machine”, has seen better days. Enjoy your treasure.

  7. So beautiful! That reminds me that I have a similar machine just sitting in my closet. Never tried it, got it free – hmmmm, maybe I should give it a closer look. I do know that it’s no where near the great condition of yours, wow!

  8. vernonfashionstudio

    Beautiful! I have my mothers 15-91 and it is in as lovely condition as yours. They are a treasure. I have many attachments for my machine, so I would be interested in seeing the hemming attachment. If I have one, it would be great to try it out. I have seen hankies and napkins with that sort of design and it would be fun to try doing it.

    Linda T

  9. Betsy

    Gigi – I just bought a 15-91 at a yard sale for $30. She’s in her table, not a case, and according to the owner’s son, it was used lovingly and much for many years.

    I can’t wait to get a chance to try it!

  10. You know, years ago a friend of mine had a vintage 1950 Mercedes, and it actually looked more like a car from about 1939. He said the car looked so retro because industrial design pretty much stopped as a result of WWII, and many consumer goods didn’t get a redesign until well into the 50’s.

    • Phyllis, you are so right! When you look at machines, it’s as if time stopped for about 15 years. Remember too that sewing machine castings were often reused during the war and simply given a new model number and a fresh coat of black crinkle paint.

  11. Ohhh I am green of envy. Lucky you ! Have fun with it.

  12. Pam

    I can’t wait for you to start the Swiss dot project!!! I have a old Singer that I’m going to get fixed.

    That beautiful white stitch came off of the 1951 machine????

  13. Pam

    PS, I’m going to put your blog on my FavLinks! šŸ˜€

  14. nibaldo badilla

    I have receive the model 15-91 from as an heir from my grandma. She stored it in the cellar for 50 years unfortunately I need the manual in spanish. I`d really appreciate anyone who can help me. I`. from Santaigo city, Chile

  15. Roxie Roco

    I just bought this machine today for 55 dollars and now I’m having it serviced. It came with the button holer attachment. I would love the hemstitcher but where to you get one?

  16. Annie

    I have been sewing on a 1940’s 15-91 for years. I love it. It does everything this busy farmer’s wife can want- I repair a lot of Carhartts! Also I sew quilts and PJ’s and purses and clothes and lots of “if you can sew it rather than glue it” projects! I just learned after all these years, you can drop the feed dogs and do free motion quilting. I have machine quilted a couple queen size and several smaller quilts without knowing about this feature and with 100% success without a walking foot and the back looks as nice as the front. This machine is a jewel that many don’t realize. I am lucky to have two of these in cabinets I paid $25.00 for that are in nearly new condition. I just got the hemstitcher to try out. I grew up with those embroidered and crocheted edged pillow cases and have always wanted to do some like my great grandma and great aunt did.

  17. Mridul Kumar

    beautiful even the hem stitch and if you could copy it there could be a great demand in india interested.