Singer Hemstitcher

Welcome to the wonderful world of vintage sewing attachments! I warn you, this can become a very expensive addiction. 🙂

Since some of you asked, I thought I’d write a little more about the hemstitcher. It is a wonderful, vintage attachment available for models 15, 66 (except 66-1), 99, 101, 127, 128, 201 and 221. Here’s the set for the 15 class and the 201:


The set consists of the attachment itself (note the huge hooked piercer),


and a special needle plate, an offset screwdriver and a special mushroom-shaped attachment screw:


There are five different needle plates available for the various models. Here’s the plate for the Featherweight (221K):


All of the machines that this attachment was designed for are straight-stitch only. The attachment pierces a large hole and then allows the machine to form a zigzag stitch to hold the hole open. For a nice hemstitch you would stitch down one side and then turn the work around and come down the other side. If you want a picot edge you stitch down one side only and then trim the fabric away up to the hole. It’s really very cool and beats the pants off the wing needle!

If you have one of these vintage machines and want to find an attachment that fits it, here is a list of the plates for each model:

Class 15 #121388
Class 66 #121389
Class 99 #121389
Class 101 #121390
Class 127 #121391 (needs screw #202)
Class 128 #121391 (needs screw #202)
Class 201 #121388
Class 221 #121392

Note that the set is always numbered #121387. The part number for the plate is on the underside and number #121388 for the 15 and 201 classes is the most readily available. The one for the 221 (probably because of the ever-increasing popularity of the Featherweight) seems to be the most sought after and therefore the most expensive.


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19 responses to “Singer Hemstitcher

  1. Laura

    Thanks for sharing this…could we see some samples of the stitching?

  2. Laura

    Oops…google reader feeds me your posts backwards…I just saw the beautiful hemstitching from your previous post…thanks!

  3. Theresa in Tucson

    Thanks, Gigi, and Drat, I don’t have a hemstitcher in my 201’s attachments.

  4. Will check my 201 attachment boxes. Thanks for the follow-up.

  5. I have a hem stitcher for my 221…It is incredible what attachments you can get.

  6. vernonfashionstudio

    I will check tomorrow to see if I have this one. Crossing my fingers!

    Linda T

  7. Kali Holliday

    Does anyone know if they make the hemstitcher attachment for modern machines? Thanks in advance for your help!!

  8. Nancy

    Is the screw for the 201 throat plate 201 #121388 and the 221 #121392 interchangeable?

  9. Fran Levine

    I have the hemstitcher just found. Little bit of rust . How do you clean it? throat plate is 121388 but I have a featherweight.

  10. Linda T

    Hello Gigi:
    I just came across your blog and I am intrigued. Is it possible to find a hemstitcher attachment that would work on a newer singer machine?

    I would love to obtain one of these items.
    Would I have to find an old machine in order to use such attachments?

    Thanks in advance.
    Linda T.

    • Linda, the hemstitcher requires the special plate which was only manufactured for the machines listed above. You’ll have to get yourself a vintage machine, they are fun to use!

  11. cecilia

    Hello Was the “L” shaped screwdriver sold seperate or did it come with the Henstitcher? Thanks

    • Cecilia, it came with the hemstitcher. However, if you find it missing from a set, you can pick up an offset screwdriver in most hardware stores.

  12. Hello, I just recently found one of these myself but have not used it yet. I also have a really old attachment called a hemstitcher, its made by Singer and its part number 28915, wondering if you had used one of those?
    thanks, Gwen

    • I have a similar foot, a newer version that 28915. It is called the faux hemstitch attachment, a misnomer really since these produce more of a fagoting effect.