Simplicity 3786 – Part II

As soon as I had the center front panels cut out, I press-marked the tucks and sewed them. I had started to thread trace them but found it too tedious!



I really want to hurry up and finish this and put it on with a pair of shorts NOW.


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6 responses to “Simplicity 3786 – Part II

  1. Beautiful tucks Gigi! I also press-mark; I pull a thread draw to mark the foldline, snip the fabric on both sides of the fabric for alignment, press and then sew.

    P.S. I knwo you’re in a hurry to finish that top but a line of vertical hemstitching between each tuck would look really great.

  2. The tucks are so pretty in this fabric….oh yes, I SO agree with Phyllis, hemstitching would look fabulous!

  3. I love that pattern, and I really love that print! It’s cute without being too cutesy. I do the same thing with the tucks on that pattern as Phyllis. It works great for me.

  4. Diane in Michigan

    Love this! What to you mean when you say “thread trace”? Can’t wait to see the dotted swiss too!
    Be well,
    Diane in Michigan

  5. It’s already looking great! I can’t wait to see the finished version!

  6. What a pretty fabric you got, and the tucks look so lovely on the fabric. I love checking out your blog everyday, you sew lots of lovely outfit. Have a nice day