Simplicity 3786 – Part III

The Princess seams have been sewn and I am very pleased with the fit. I really do love Princess seams! Had this been a regular darted front I would have gone ahead and cut into my dotted Swiss. If a dart is too low or high it’s easy enough to re-angle, no such luck with a Princess seam. If the bust curve is in the wrong place you can’t do much more than make small adjustments to it so it’s never a bad idea to test it out.

I ran short of fabric so I wasn’t able to match the rows of motifs across all seams but I think the pattern is busy enough that it’s not noticeable. The important thing is that they match across the center front. I know it looks a little droopy on Ethel, I keep forgetting to put one of my bras back on her!


Not much sewing time tonight but I’ll at least fuse the collar bands and construct the sleeves. This is how things get done when you are busy – in little stolen moments! All kidding aside, I have really gotten into a good rhythm. Garments are fitted and cut on the weekend when I have uninterrupted time to concentrate and then sewn whenever I have time during the week. Even ten minutes is enough time to accomplish something. Lately, I’ve been averaging one garment per week, two if it’s something quick like a knit top. Needless to say, I’ve been in a much better mood!


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7 responses to “Simplicity 3786 – Part III

  1. I have found that i to tend to do things on the weekend that need a little more attention to detail, Having three kids running around and one crawling, something always ends up tipped over and in the case of my youngest who likes to push the presser foot (I have lost many garments to this terrible fate), so ten minutes during the week is a blessing. I love the top it has come together nicely :o)

  2. Your dress is looking great. I’m also a fan of the princess seam – great for the well endowed. The fabric is very special and holds the pintucks well. I can also sympathise on the lack of time. I had my first sewing fix after nearly two weeks of always having something more important to be done.

  3. Sally

    Looking great! Isn’t it nice when you can get something done, even if it’s a little something. Always makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished something. Sally

  4. Vibeke in Oslo

    It’s so much fun to read your blog now that you have your groove back. Lovely garments and educational to boot.

  5. So happy to hear you’re in a much better mood these days! Also thanks for your tip on fitting sewing into a busy schedule, do concentration work on weekends and even ten minutes here and there during the week will add up. Finally–last but not least, congrats on fitting your muslin, as now you can cut into the dotted Swiss without trepidition. It must have been hard to convince yourself to take the time to make a muslin when swing time is tight, but you did it and it paid off. Good work!

  6. vernonfashionstudio

    Very nice!! I love those colors and I have learned to appreciate princess seams lately. They are very nice on full figured ladies.

    Linda T

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