Simplicity 3786 – Part IV

The sleeves are finished and ready to be set in. As I mentioned previously, I had to add some to the upper sleeve only, tapering to nothing at the seam. I also shortened both the upper and lower sleeves by 1/2″ – a normal alteration for me. Short person, short arms! I’m very pleased with the way the sleeve hangs.


As you can see here, I am using a combination of French and narrow overlocked seams on this project. I never use an overlocked seam alone on a woven, I always sew with a lockstitch first. Overlocked seams of this type are not very secure on woven fabrics.


One thing I want to mention is that the sleeve band might need to be enlarged for some people. I have smallish hands and I can *just* get mine through the opening. As an alternative, you could add a bound placket and convert this to a buttoned cuff.


No sewing tonight as I had to repair a football pad for my honey – he made dinner so we’re even. Tomorrow, I will stitch the shoulder seams and attach the collar band before heading into the home stretch! Weekend=Dotted Swiss, yay!


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10 responses to “Simplicity 3786 – Part IV

  1. I love the cottony feel of this tunic. As always, you do great work.

  2. It’s a lovely pattern…I love the cuffs!

  3. Melissa

    The fabric is so perfect for the pattern – it’s going to be beautiful when you’re finished!

  4. Summerset

    Oh, this is really turning out prettily! Just a few minutes every day really does add up!

  5. Sharon

    I learn so much from each and every post! That is really remarkable and good luck with the swiss dotted fabric! I’m sure it will be phenomenal.

  6. Keep it up! I’ll check back next week for the dotted Swiss. I’ve laid a bet you will enlarge the cuff end so you don’t have to wiggle or stress the delicate fabric to get your hand through. But no worries, it’s a best against myself so I will both win and lose either way! 😉 You could say the winner will get a nice cup of coffee, and the loser will make it. LOL! (Hunkering back to my sewing table to put in another ten minutes today.)

  7. Gigi….This is such a nice style….I especially love the sleeves!

  8. Heather

    Gigi, just noticed that Claire Shaeffer has just released a CD:

    Behind The Seams: The Shaeffer Collection Volume One: CHANEL

    The title ‘Behind The Seams’ has been copyrighted.
    Will this affect the title of your blog?

    • Gigi

      You know, I’ve been thinking about that since the CD came out. The last thing I want is a Cease & Desist letter from Claire’s lawyers! I will be changing the name as soon as I think of something interesting.

      • Heather

        Aaah, but the fact that you have been using this title for your blog now for years should really make it yours, legally….though I have no idea about such legalities….ahh shucks!