Simplicity 3786 – Final

I finished up the blouse this morning – yay! I’m pleased with how this turned out. I do want to say that this pattern is very oversized! There is so much ease through the waist and hip that I was able to remove 4″ and still have over 5″ left – yikes. All of that volume would be fine in a drapey fabric, I suppose. But on someone 5’3″ tall it’s going to be overwhelming. After taking the sides in so much it is still loose and tunic-y but shows my figure just enough. I also shortened the bodice by 4″, making it just the right length to wear out with pants or shorts or to wear tucked into a pair of jeans. And, I found the front slit needed to be opened up a little so I restitched it about 2″ lower. It’s more flattering and easier to get over my head.




I decided that I will mostly wear this particular one out (vs. tucked in) so I added the gathered detail at the back to give it a little more shape. I made my own bias tape instead of using the prepackaged tape which I find stiff and bulky.


I also used 3/8″ elastic instead of the 1/4″ that the pattern called for. It just happened to be the first thing I grabbed from the cupboard.


I like to use my specialty presser feet whenever I can so I pulled out my 1/4″ rolled hem foot to speed things along.


Here’s a closeup of the collar band. I used Sheer Elegance fusible from Fashion Sewing Supply which provided just the right amount of support. As always, I fused both the inner and outer bands.


I have a quick errand to run and then I’ll be back in my sewing room cutting out my dotted Swiss! The Dolphins are playing tonight so that means I’ll get to sew while my honey watches the game.


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16 responses to “Simplicity 3786 – Final

  1. tkniegge

    Beautiful blouse! There are so many cute details. I love the gathering in the back. So cute!

  2. I’ve been sewing this morning too…however my shirt isn’t turning out as nice as yours haha. Isn’t it funny how doing something you enjoy so much can sometimes make you so angry! Anyways, love the shirt. Your things always look so great!

  3. It looks great! I can’t wait to see it in the Swiss dot – I love that fabric…

  4. It looks great! I can’t wait to see it in the Swiss dot – I love that fabric…

  5. I love it Gigi – can you style it for us too?

  6. susan

    Thank you so much for making me look twice at a pattern that I had overlooked probably due to the fussier floral on the pattern photo. However, your Provençal print really lets the tucks and other detail shine through. I especially appreciate your comments about the extra room – exactly what I need and in precisely that area. Lovely work and another of your posts that I can really learn from, so thankyou!

  7. Very, very cute. An impeccable construction job, and the thought you put into the design, and how to adapt it to your desires and shape has yielded a shirt you’ll undoubtedly wear with pleasure for a long time. Thanks for showing us!

  8. Pretty blouse. I can see that the tucks on the front would release into quite a bit of fullness. I like the “leg of mutton” sleeves. Very pretty, and a good transitional piece for fall.

  9. vernonfashionstudio

    Love the finished blouse! Thanks for sharing.

    Linda T

  10. So pretty and thanks for sharing all of the details that went into making this top so special!

  11. Love the shirt! Wow… you can manage to get the 1/4” foot to work… I have one (not sure the size), and I can’t manage to work with them. Great job!

  12. really cute blouse!!!

  13. Wow, the fit is just perfect! Great job.

  14. katharinec

    Pretty as Provence! The back detail makes it even more special. Good move to shorten so it’s more versatile, to take in the sides to avoid billowiness, and I’m always a fan of lowering a Big-4 neckline! It makes it easier to put on, and what with those sleeve hems it’s already slightly delicate, and at the same time the new neckline is even more flattering.

  15. Summerset

    Just beautiful – feminine, airy, light!