Dotted Swiss – Part II

I didn’t get much done yesterday as household chores and laundry got in the way. Tonight, however, I did manage to finish the sleeves. I absolutely love them! They are so pretty and feminine without looking too juvenile. And, of course, once I tuck this blouse into a pair of jeans that will toughen it up a bit as well. Hopefully, I’ll get a little time tomorrow to set the sleeves and complete the hem!



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12 responses to “Dotted Swiss – Part II

  1. I saw a similar top to this in a boutique recently (just ducked in for inspiration) for $320 AUD. Your top is looking great so far.

  2. I can’t wait to see the completed project- that dotted swiss is beautifully dreamy 🙂

  3. The fabric you have chosen here is so pretty .I love the style and fabric so much . I might copy you !

  4. Pam

    It look so light and airy.

  5. Question on setting in sleeves – do you usually do that in the round, or in the flat? I see these are in the round – is there any particular reason? Guideline?

    • Gigi

      Suzy, I always set standard sleeves in woven fabrics in the round. The only time I set woven sleeves in flat is when the cap is flat. Not only is it easier to set a high cap in the round, I also like being able to make small adjustments before I do my permanent stitching. I set all knit sleeves in flat regardless of the shape.

  6. Enid

    This is turning out lovely… and so feminine..
    I have the pattern and seeing it in the dotted swiss, has me thinking of some nice eyelet that I have in my stash…

  7. Lovely! They are so pretty. Out of curiousity, what made you decide not to sew them in the flat with a 1/4″ s/a?

  8. Wait–never mind!!! My internet connection was too slow to show the previous comment and your reply when I posted. It’s the end of the month and I think someone (not me) has been downloading, the connection creeps along. Whoops!

  9. I like the new moniker for your blog!

  10. Diane

    I have been following your progress and this is beautiful!