Dotted Swiss – Final

It was a very busy week and I was too tired to do much of anything in the evenings besides read patterns and fondle my fabric collection. 🙂 All week I have been looking forward to tonight because I knew I’d have time to finish up my blouse. We always have dinner with my best friend and her husband on Friday night but both Bryan and The Queen are out of town so I claimed tonight as my own!

When I was doing my pin-fitting, I decided that the blouse could use some more taking in at the side seams. This fabric is much softer than the voile I used last time and it seemed much too blousy. Don’t get me wrong, blousy is wonderful if you are wearing a top untucked. Not so wonderful when you plan on tucking it in and don’t want too much of a blouson effect. So, I ended up taking it in as much as another 2″ through the hip and even more through the waist as you can see here:


Here it is, all finished. It definitely needs another pressing! I know it doesn’t look more fitted than my last version it’s just that different fabrics fit differently which is why I always fit as I go to avoid any surprises at the end.


I liked the little gathered detail at the back so much that I included it again.


I don’t think I’ve ever showed a photo of my labels. They are very tiny and understated and came from Heirloom Woven Labels (from whom I’ve been ordering for many years!). I’ve had them for a couple of years and have been trying to remember to use them.


Now the pressure is on because I have all day tomorrow to sew! I think I’ll go let Bryan’s dog out now and then come home and settle in bed with a glass of wine and my pattern and fabric binders and see what strikes my fancy.


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21 responses to “Dotted Swiss – Final

  1. leilani

    Most lovely!

  2. Pattern and fabric binders? What do you mean? Is this your way of organizing your stash? I’m just curious. Beautiful shirt, by the way!

  3. Gigi

    I just started reading your blog and have really enjoyed seeing your sewing projects. This is a beautiful blouse.

  4. The shirt is absolutely beautiful! Great work and details.

  5. I love that blouse! I had dreams of making something similar from that fabric, but (sigh) just didn’t happen this year.
    Sounds like you have a perfect weekend schedule!

  6. Connie

    Your blouse is beautiful. I’ve made this pattern. Unfortunately, with my waist line, I usually ADD 2 inches instead of taking 2 inches off. That’s what happens when you get into your 70’s.

  7. Yummy…. I really love this blouse.

  8. It looks beautiful… What will you wear it with? I envy all your free time this weekend!!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with… Enjoy :)))

  9. Wao what a beautiful blouse….I really love the it

  10. I had been wondering if you were planning to wear it tucked in – it looks great! Let’s see it styled!

  11. It’s beautiful! Can I tell you that I’m so glad that you’re back to sewing and blogging regularly…selfish I know but I so enjoy what you make!!!

  12. Love it! (and your labels)

  13. That’s a beautiful blouse. You should ejoy wearig it.

  14. greytone

    I love your labels! I’ve been ordering mine from Heirloom Labels for years (at least 15), too! When I finally learn to use a digital camera, I’d love to share them with you…

    Your blouse is lovely… All you need is a smile when you’re wearing it!

  15. A beautiful and beautifully made blouse. I do love your labels; just my taste.

  16. That is so pretty. *fangirls you for your ability to make such lovely, professional garments* I love your labels. I have had a fondness for labels in homemade clothes ever since I picked up a homemade dress in a thrift shop when I was about six or seven that had a label in it reading “To Jamie, with love.” I figured it as a sign I was meant to have the dress (it was purple taffeta with a square lace collar and long puffy sleeves, so pretty!), and I have to admit a fondness for the idea that if I put labels in my clothes, someday someone else named Jamie will find them and decide they are meant for her. It’s such a lovely personalizing touch!

  17. What a charming blouse! That is funny that taking in the waist so dramatically doesn’t appear so dramatic because of the fabric. I love that back detail too, how many garments do you want to see in the full round because of back details? It, and the summer Swiss dot, make your blouse a cut above. Enjoy the wine for me!

  18. Els

    Your blouse looks beautiful.

  19. Summerset

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the way you’ve styled it with the jeans and belt in the latest post, too.

  20. This is so lovely. I really am amazed and impressed at the care you took with thi blouse. So delicate and light looking.

  21. Heather

    I am tempted to say mouth-watering goodness! Your workmanship is impeccible, just wonderful.

    Notice your new blog name. This is nice too, good choice.