Another Sweetheart Top

This top’s been done except for the hems for more than a week so I wanted to finish it before moving on to the next project. I really, really dislike UFOs!


The more I make this pattern, the more I like it. I like having a lot of tees in my wardrobe and this one has now become a favorite. It’s pretty, flattering and quick to make. This fabric came from Bestonlinefabrics (link in the sidebar) on Ebay. I just can’t seem to resist anything that looks hand-painted! This will be the perfect thing to wear with jeans to a football game.


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22 responses to “Another Sweetheart Top

  1. The fabric/top looks great.
    I agree they are a wonderful top… I wore mine today and it is so comfortable.

  2. Super fabric and a great pattern!

  3. I love that pattern. As soon as I finish my bustier I’m going on a Jalie binge!

  4. vernonfashionstudio

    There is nothing like a versatile top or several of them. That is a great pattern and I love the fabric.

    Linda T

  5. Meredith P

    Love that fabric. Reminds me of my younger (cough) days. I have the pattern, but haven’t read the directions. Do you do anything special with the binding around the neckline/shoulders (with binders, coversitch, etc.)?

    • Nope! That’s the beauty of this top, it is so EASY and looks so professional! The only thing I do differently is to baste the neckline binding on first and then use the overlock to attach the front and sew the binding in one operation.

  6. What nice fabric…looks great made into that pretty !

  7. Stunning shirt!! Looks comfy too! My pattern arrived the other day – I am just waiting for fabric!

  8. Did you put the little strip of elastic in the front?

  9. Sally

    Gorgeous top! How are the HP drawstring pants coming along? Can’t wait for a review/photo. Sally

  10. Summerset

    Gorgeous fabric! This really is a great pattern, I made one for my daughter and it is quick, easy and looks great.

  11. That fabric makes me think of…black raspberry ice cream! Now i want some.

  12. Lois Gase

    Gigi – just curious about the strips between the sleeves and the bodice. How did you treat them? Mine flip outwards, don’t lie flat. Did you topstitch them down?

  13. Shari

    You spoke previously about rotating the FBA to the neckline. Have you done that yet? Do you just ease it in?

  14. Phoenix

    Gigi – I love your bobg. In your July 1 entry you mentioned that you thought you needed to move the dart to directly in front of the yoke so that the fullness will actually be where you need it. Do you have a tutorial for a beginner doing a FBA?

  15. Pat


    I am new to your blog, and you are AMAZING!! You truly do LOVE TO SEW!!!! I’m hoping that I will be so inspired to fit AND complete my items. I despise
    fitting the patterns, but, with a full bust and full hips/thighs… I can’t avoid it!! I’m still trying to master the FBA!!! SEW ON!!!!

    Pat (in Atlanta)

  16. Pat

    Who makes the pattern for the sweetheart top?

  17. Terry

    Came across your site when i searchd for bernette 334DS surger. Clicked on and now I can’t get off.
    I want to read it all. What a wonderful morning I have had with you. Thanks for letting us into your sewing life.