Vogue 8598

I expected to have this finished days ago but you know how that goes. I know it needs some touch-up pressing but didn’t feel like waiting for the regular iron to heat up. 🙂 I started with my usual size 8 and made the following alterations:

*1.25″ full bust adjustment
*.5″ broad back adjustment
*.625 forward shoulder adjustment

I also shortened the sleeve by 1″ as I always do. I don’t always make a broad back adjustment, it really depends on the pattern. This shirt is quite fitted so I really needed it – especially if I intended to drive a car while wearing it! During fitting, I ended up taking the front seams in about 1/2″ under the bust to the hem. And I took in the side seams at the 1/2″ on each side at the waist, tapering in to 1″ at the hip. This pattern has a beautifully flared hipline, unfortunately I don’t.


As you can see, the sleeves are much more gathered than they appear in the line drawing. To be honest, I think this particular sleeve would work much better in a lightweight, drapey fabric such as crepe de chine. While it’s very pretty, it’s a bit more billowy than I’d prefer for this fabric.


To give you an idea of how much gathering is in the sleeve here is a closeup of the cuff (the interfacing is Pro Sheer from Fashion Sewing Supply – great stuff!):


The MOP buttons are from my stash. While I don’t particularly love square buttons, these matched my voile perfectly, happened to be the right size and I had the required number (15!) on hand. It’s been a very long time since I shopped for buttons so I did have a quick look for alternatives when I was at JoAnn’s on Friday. All I can say is that I’m really happy to have such a large button collection!

That’s it for today – I’m heading back to my sewing room. Spaghetti sauce is cooking in the crockpot and I’ve vowed to ignore all housework until Tuesday. 🙂


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7 responses to “Vogue 8598

  1. This blouse is very pretty and I love the sleeves!
    I like to shop for buttons at a local second hand clothing store. They cut buttons off of garments that don’t sell and charge very little for them . I bought about 75 buttons the other day for $7.00 and they are all unique!

  2. Wow that’s interesting. You’re right – it doesn’t look nearly as fully gathered in the drawings. And your buttons are perfect!

  3. Beautiful blouse! I think you do a great job of matching pattern and fabric. It’s very inspiring for me – thanks!

  4. vernonfashionstudio

    Lovely blouse! So feminine. That pattern is worth a couple variations.

    Linda T

  5. Love it! Let me style this one; white jeans and your vintage Etsy belt?

  6. Patti B

    That’s a pretty blouse and I’d go with Phyllis’ styling too. Your button stash is to be envied! I’m just getting ready to sew this and am glad to read that you didn’t have any major problems with the pattern — or did I just intuit that?