Am I still working on this silk blouse?

Ugh, yes I am! I can’t believe how much trouble I’ve had sewing this blouse! Well, thankfully, it’s not just me. Last night, Ann, Phyllis, Pam and I decided that the planets must be misaligned or something. Anyway, the sleeves are finally done and I hope not to see my seam ripper for a day or two. Since I’m working six days right now (my friend had a knee replacement so I’m minding his shop on Saturdays) I’ve decided to blow off housework today and get this thing finished because I really want to move on to other projects.


I’m embarassed that my pressing board is so stained! I went to JoAnn’s – do you think they had any cotton drill? Uh, no.

I bought some new industrial hemmer feet this week. The one on the left is 3/8″ and the one on the right is 1/8″. I really like this style best. They are the same as the Bernina feet that I am used to.


Here are some other feet I already had. They are really nice but I just don’t like them as well as the other style. The one on the left is a spring hemmer. It has a little spring that opens as you go over a seam. The middle one is a ball hemmer and the one on the right is a wire hemmer. For some reason, I’ve just never made friends with any of them (I think it’s because of the lack of visibility) so I was really excited to find the others. They weren’t expensive so I’ll probably order some other sizes as well.


I almost forgot about the buttons! I finally picked up some Rit dye yesterday. I simmered the buttons on the stove (I have a dedicated Corningware dish for this task) for about 3 hours, left them in the dyebath overnight and then simmered them some more this morning in a fresh pot of undiluted dye. They are not quite dark enough but I’d rather have an “almost” MOP button than a perfect plastic one!



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12 responses to “Am I still working on this silk blouse?

  1. I had no clue you could dye buttons! That is a great tip! Good luck on finishing the blouse!

  2. I love pink and silk….It is going to be lovely!

  3. I love the mother of pearl buttons. I am definitely going to give that dye a try!

  4. Me too…I’m gonna try dyeing some with some RIT dye also. I use to work in the button industry and had buttons dyed. I was so use to the industrial methods that I didn’t realize RIT would work. Definitely trying this since I have loads of MOP buttons in all sizes. Thanks for the tip!

  5. vernonfashionstudio

    What is it with silk? I am still working on my silk dress, on and off, and it no matter how careful I am, I have to use the seam ripper too often.

    I have never heard of dyeing MOP buttons. The varigation is lovely and will look great on the blouse. Thanks for the tip.

    Linda T

  6. katharinec

    Yeah, I didn’t know buttons were dyeable either! You are a fountain of knowledge. Meanwhile, back to the cutting table for me, it’s the weekend and as you say a prime time to cut out for a project for the week.

  7. Gigi, do dyed buttons fade in the wash or from the cleaners? I love the idea of dyed buttons!

  8. I have the hardest time chosing the right fabrics online. I pay to order swatches only to find I don’t like the fabric. It is just wasted money and time waiting for swatches. I live in Florida and there are no quality fabric stores around here (that I know of). Your fabric and garments always look amazing. Do you have any advice? Please help me!

    • Well, Brad, I order about 99% of my fabrics online. I order from only a handful of online shops (see my sidebar) and am usually very happy with what I buy. I think the trick is to stick with tried-and-true vendors as some people are just better at describing the fabrics than others.

  9. Ah dyeing buttons? Gigi you must elaborate. Please……

  10. Sharon

    You are so creative! I love coming to your blog because you always know how to meet a challenge. The buttons are very pretty.

  11. Vmar

    Your buttons are beautiful!!

    Years ago in fashion school I wanted pearl detail on a purple velvet dress. They looked like bird droppings so I died the faux pearls(tear drop shaped pearls) with Rit. The dress got me one of my best marks. By the way I also discovered that you can spray paint rubber boots that same year. No money = creativity