Making space

Pretty soon I’ll be adding two more machines to my herd: a Singer 143W (with which I’ll be able to zigzag on leather using 138 thread!) and a Singer 112W (double-needle, needle-feed machine for leather). If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you know space is getting pretty tight in the second sewing room! I already measured and discovered that my two file cabinets (where I store extra patterns) will fit into the walk-in closet of my exercise room so that’ll leave room for one new machine. Then, when I was unpacking my boots (which are stored in Jess’ old closet) I got the idea to move my little Merrow into the left side of closet. I cut the table down years ago so it’s small and there’s an outlet and light in the closet. The Merrow only does a perle edge so it’s one of those machines I’ll use every few months for 20 minutes or so and that’s it. I think she looks rather at home, don’t you?


And now I have space for a 2nd machine next to the window in the sewing room. I’m happy.



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9 responses to “Making space

  1. Theresa in Tucson

    GiGi, you’re going to be known as the little old lady who hordes sewing machines. Some day in the very distant future they will find you mummified amidst an ever multiplying number of machines. You know they do that when you’re not looking as soon as you bring the second one into the house. I have five, still want an industrial, still want a serger… the list goes on. Enjoy your machines. I envy your space.

  2. I have industrial envy! I thought having three was a lot, but now I realize it’s just a good start. 🙂

  3. If I pay for the airline ticket, can I come and spend a few days with you sewing from your collection and on your sewing machines! *LOL* Your sewing machine collection is AWESOME!!!

  4. Congrats on the new machines What fun!
    Can’t wait to see the pics!

  5. I would just like to have a sewing ROOM!! My stuff is stored wherever I can find space. My sewing “table” is a cabinet on wheels. When I am sewing, I wheel it out, open it, and set up shop in the family room. When company is coming, it gets closed up and wheeled to our little computer room. My serger sits on the floor in there or is run down to the laundry room to hide!!

  6. Alan Bamber

    You have a great Blog!
    I am a sewing machine dealer based in England and I wondered if you’d allow me to post some of your experiences on our website. We have thousands of customers and so many of them would love to see Blogs like yours for help and inspiration.

  7. katharinec

    Good move.

  8. Page

    Great collection! Hey, can you show us that perle edge? I’d love to see it (: