Back aboard the train

I finished another pair of HP Marrakesh Pants yesterday. These are made from a delicious piece of corded rayon that I purchased at the Doncaster outlet in Rutherfordton years ago. It has a wonderful drape and is heaven to touch. Unfortunately, it was hell to sew as it didn’t like even the slightest bit of pressing. I ended up folding my press cloth into fourths and using it that way. I actually had nearly two yards of this fabric left after cutting the pants but since I do not ever want to work with it again I cut it up into 9″ x 5″ pieces for my friend to use at his shop.


While this pair was no fun to make because of the fabric, I really do LOVE this pattern. I wore my white linen version yesterday and they looked great even after a few hours’ wear. I wore them to the grocery store with aqua Chuck Taylors and then with sandals later in the day.

I think I forgot to mention that I always tape the bias portion of the crotch curve. IMO, this really helps prevent pants from bagging out in the seat. Since I’ll be making another pair this week I will be sure to take photos of that step. It takes seconds and makes such a big difference.


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14 responses to “Back aboard the train

  1. I gotta have a pair of these pants. Yours are beautifully made.

  2. Stephanie

    Gigi, isn’t rayon a difficult fibre to work with? It can be slippery, stretch, distort and transform shape just by by breathing on them, but you’ve done a wonderful job, as always! They might have been horrid to sew but I bet they’ll be lovely to wear (just not to iron!)

    • Stephanie, good-quality rayons are generally not difficult to sew at all! If you have trouble controlling the lighter-weight ones, just give them a good application of spray starch when you are pressing your yardage. The starch will help tame the fabric a bit.

  3. You’ve convinced me, I’m going to add this pattern to the queue. Does your friend need more 9×5 pieces?

  4. I just ordered this pattern today, thanks to your review. Thank you!

  5. I’m wearing mine today and also decided I NEED another pair ASAP! But first I have to finish a pair of jeans that are quickly moving out of my attention span.

  6. Wow, thank you for this review. I’m still looking for the a good fabric for this pattern. It’s great to hear that troublesome fabric can produce a great result. It will help me look at my stash with a fresh point of view.

  7. Sally

    I’m happy to see you really like this pattern. Will be ordering it shortly. Your garments always look so professional. Love your attention to details and look forward to the tutorial on how you do the crotch.

  8. Fabulous color. Too about the fabric. I was in Paron on Saturday and forgot I wanted some of their Tamotsu rayon blends for making these! Well I’ll be back in the city in a couple of weeks and remember to pick it up then.

  9. I will be trying my first pair of pants soon. I have ordered the pattern and the fabric. I’m a little worried about the fly zipper and getting the fit correct. I guess both are things that come with practice. Any tips?

    • There isn’t any fitting to be done at the center front so you can go ahead and stitch the fly before you fit the rest of your pants. The fly is much easier than you think!

  10. katharinec

    I’m with you on the whole taping thing, as a bike commuter and a teacher that seam takes a beating an I really must rely on it as I turn my back to an audience as part of my career! LOL Believe it or not I’m having a devil of a time finding twill tape here. Do you tape with sewn-in twill tape, or use a fusible tape, or do you use a bias tape (seems to defeat the purpose, but just curious)? I zigzag in twill tape, which I’m now out of.

    • You’re not still biking now, are you? I’ll be worried about you losing your balance! I use the fusible straight tape or narrow twill tape BUT if you don’t have either of those you can use narrow straight-grain cuts of fusible interfacing or strips of lining selvage.

  11. Aless White

    Thanks for the hint about taping the crotch curve, Gigi. I have quite a few pairs of tnt nice stretch cotton pants that seem to ‘grow’ after the first 1/2 hour of wear- now I know what to do to them. I even have good supplies of very narrow twill tape-black and white…HUGE thanks!