Batch cutting

I managed to get some tops cut out over the past few days. I could have accomplished more but decided to finally transfer these two TNT patterns onto manila paper so that took some time.

I cut out three Jalie Sweetheart Tops in charcoal rayon/lycra (from Fabric Depot), cream distressed wool jersey (from Textile Studios) and deep purple rayon/lycra (surprisingly, from JoAnn’s).


I also cut two Kwik-Sew 2845 tops in a heathered wine rayon/lycra from Lucy’s Fabrics and a black/grey rayon/lycra from Bestonline Fabrics (link in sidebar). I also have this beautiful green rayon knit (from Gorgeous Fabrics) lined up for this pattern but decided to stop cutting and work on my exterior lights some more. The sooner I finish my Christmas decorations, the sooner I can put all these plastic totes back in the attic. Any clutter that is non-sewing-related makes me nuts!



Funny, I usually dislike cutting but found that the more I cut, the more I wanted to cut! I should be able to get most of these finished this week.


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16 responses to “Batch cutting

  1. Cutting and preparing patterns takes a particular frame of mind so it is probably better to do it all at once.

  2. I batch-cut all my curtains this weekend. I got half of them sewn yesterday and I hope to finish the other two tomorrow. Batch cutting is a godsend! PS – your tops will look great. Love that green!

  3. Batch cutting works great for me too. I like have something waiting in the wings.

  4. Do you do a Full bust adjustment on the Jali pattern. I have bought this but not yet used it.

    • Yes, I did. I transferred the dart to the area in front of the yoke piece so that I now have slight gathers there.

      • jillnjosh

        Hi Gigi,

        I don’t suppose you have a photo of that dart transfer, do you? I’ve been wondering about your FBA on that pattern for a while now.


  5. I batch cut all the time. I actually find that I get more sewing done, when I have all my projects cut and waiting in a specific bin.

    It might have something else to do with the fact that my cutting table is the kitchen counter and that I have 6 kids. So the counter is only clean inbetween meals and snacks.

    I have the rule that I cannot sew a new project until those are sewed. However, I do make exceptions for emergencies – like the winter coat I had to make for my 14yo dd this past week.

  6. oooh luscious fabrics !

    I have been sewing lots of tops lately too..suddenly it seems like all my nice tops look shabby 😦

  7. Summerset

    Exactly! I did some batch cutting this morning.

  8. I like to batch cut also. Whack and stack! When I have a little time then, it’s nice to sit down and just sew.

  9. What a great bunch of tops you’ll end up with.
    Me, I batch cut all the time, but unfortunately I end up with UFO’s because of it. I’m working on the concept. I’m anxious to see you succeed in finishing all.

  10. Ellen

    Hi Gigi,

    I love your blog! I just found it. I especially like what you have done with the KWIK SEW top, #2845. I have a few questions for you. One is,l I was wondering if you had ever done the KWIK SEW #3419? I’d love to see a photo of it. I would like to hear from you at your convenience with another question, as well. My email is above. Thanks! Ellen

    • Hi Ellen, I’m sorry I don’t even own 3419 – I guess because it’s so much like other patterns I already have. 🙂 Your email did not appear for some reason but you can contact me at gigilouis1 at hotmail dot com.

  11. Karla

    When you decide it’s time for some solid-colored tops, you don’t mess around, do you?

  12. emadethis

    Holy cats! What a fantastic idea. I find that cutting is my least favorite part of sewing because it takes up so much real estate in my house. I’ve never thought about batch cutting, but it makes so much sense. Thanks for the tip!

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