Zippers: Another Obsession

For years, I have been obsessed with zippers. Let’s face it, the right zipper can make the difference between “homemade” and “designer”. I am not ashamed to admit that I own hundreds of zippers. Whenever I see good ones I buy them and buy them LONG because I can always shorten them, after all.

Purse and separating zippers have been a particular thorn in my side because they are so hard to find in the colors I want. I had so many nice comments about the cool RiRi zipper I used in my orange clutch. When RiRi first started selling in the States, they had quite a few interesting finishes and styles. Now, I can’t find anything but the ones with multi-colored teeth, grrr. Anyway, I was searching online and came across these YKK Excella rainbow zips so I ordered two, a 22″ and a 7″. They looked nice and were less expensive than the RiRi. Well, they arrived today and I. LOVE. THEM. The quality is very, very good and I actually prefer a plain metal pull to one that’s painted because it will stay nice looking for much longer.


I also bought a YKK brown separating zip with a nice pull because I thought it would come in handy sometime. I have the same zip in black and red and really like it. Zippers don’t go bad, ya know?


You can get these Excella zips in closed-bottom or separating styles from ZipperStop on Etsy. The prices are reasonable and the shipping is fast. For some odd reason, they do not have these particular zips on their regular website.


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16 responses to “Zippers: Another Obsession

  1. Belinda (sew4Fun)

    Thanks for the Etsy link. I’ve been happily buying from Jeff from his website and eBay but I didn’t realise he had an Etsy account.

  2. How on earth do you shorten a zipper?

  3. If you can manage to navigate Pacific Trimmings website, they have the most complete range of Riri zippers of anyone, and they will custom make them for you. I am lucky enough to be able to shop in NYC for them, but it’s certainly worth trying the website. They have every zipper tape color and all the finishes. You can choose different pulls too.

  4. Gigi I am SO with you on zipper obsession! Another place that makes custom zippers is Stan’s Sewing Supplies:

  5. Oooo, thanks for that Gigi – I didn’t know YKK had come out with colored zips. Pacific Trims has a big selection of Riri zips, but unfortunately they aren’t on the website.

  6. Olivia

    Zipperstop is great!! I got their selection of different colors and sizes off Ebay! Great Deal!!

  7. I have a couple of pretty and expensive rhinestone zips that I’ve not put into anything–yet. Someday, I will find the perfect garment for them.

  8. vernonfashionstudio

    I love those multi-colored zippers! Like Gwen, I have a couple small rhinestone zippers hanging out waiting for just the right project. As you say, they don’t go bad.

    Linda T

  9. Summerset

    Cool! I didn’t know they had an Etsy shop, too. I’ve ordered from them before and never been disappointed.

  10. Fabulous! I got some solid Riri zips at Pacific Trim in NYC a couple of weeks ago, but you’re right, it’s really difficult to find them online.
    Have to ask, have you seen the Olympic zips on the Seattle Fabrics site? I got some – love them!

    Isn’t enabling FUN?

  11. these are so cool! i’ll be in nyc next week so think i’ll stop by and see what they have. btw, i finally found the multi-colored zippers on their site: here they are