Butterick 5313

I found myself with some free time yesterday afternoon so I decided to whip up a quick dress to wear to dinner last night. Sure, I had about a bajillion other things that needed to be done but I wanted to sew!

I chose to make Butterick 5313. View B is fun and flirty, goes well with high boots and is quick to make. I selected this knit print because it went so well with my Frye Ava boots! The fabric has been in my collection for at least a year and I don’t remember where it came from. I barely had enough yardage and had to try several different layouts before I could make it work.



I made a straight size 8 with a 1″ FBA and a 5/8″ forward shoulder adjustment. I also shortened the sleeve 1″ as I always do. I left the dress length as it was. I’m just over 5’3″ and wanted it to hit me right at the knee which it does. If you are taller you should definitely check the length before you cut.

This went together in a couple of hours (including pattern alterations and cutting) – I LOVE instant gratification! I decided to leave the bottom of the flounce unfinished. It just hangs so nicely the way it is and I was worried that a hem would change the look so I just cleaned it up with my rotary cutter and a curved ruler.


I like this style so much that I’ll be making it again this weekend in a charcoal Vera Wang knit. I really need a simple basic dress and I think I’d get a lot of mileage out of this one.


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32 responses to “Butterick 5313

  1. Gigi – you must have looked fabulous in this because it’s awesome on your dressform!

  2. That dress is so cute! And I love love LOVE the boots.

  3. Cute dress! I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the gray VW jersey.

  4. I really like that dress! The fabric looks really great…

  5. That outfit rocks! I love that you whipped this up to perfection in such short a time. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t sworn off single knits.

  6. Funny I wanted to do a similar thing today, but unpicked bad buttonholes instead. Love your dress.

  7. The fabric does look great with your boots.

    This is a pattern that I would skip right by, thinking that the ruffles were a bit too much for anyone over 17. But then, I see view B made up by you, and it looks fantastic. Not at all teeny-bopper, but on-trend and grown-up without being frumpy.

  8. Really cute! The boots are perfect!

  9. Wow that dress is just fabulous! This is a pattern I would have skipped over too, but now I have to have it. And the boots…..love the boots.

  10. vernonfashionstudio

    I am with a couple others here…I would have skipped over this pattern also but it came out so nice for you and very appropriate. Great job!

    Linda T

  11. I’m saving up for a pair of Frye boots too! They’re a harness/motorcycle boot style in brown. I figured they’d be worth the investment since they’re timeless and can be worn with lots of things!

    • Nikki, you will LOVE them! I have the 15″ brown ones and the 12″ belted harness in black and I love them both. They do last practically forever so they’re a good investment.

  12. Miss Celie

    Those boots are awesome. I would plan many, many dresses around them!

  13. You whipped up a very cute dress!!

  14. Love the dress, and agree it is instant gratification. I made it during the summer and love it.

  15. Summerset

    You can not get any better than that for a quick, chic dress!

  16. yay- looks great!! good call on the hem. I love those boots, too.

  17. We love it. As usual you saw the pretty lines of a pattern I would have overlooked. You really have an eye for style! Looks great with your boots.

  18. Great dress and boots combination – I also like to leave knit hems unhemmed at times. Great work!

  19. Loved your dress so much that I dragged my 9.25-month pregnant body out to the fabric store and bought the pattern! It’s terribly impractical for breastfeeding, but after so many seasons of maternity clothes… cute girlish and impractical sounds wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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  21. Cherie

    Gigi did you use a serger or a sewing machine to make this? If sewing machine, which stitch or stitches did you use?

    • Cherie, I used the serger for everything except the side seams. I don’t like to serge long side seams because they don’t hang as nicely as a plain seam. I used a small zigzag (.5 width, 2 length) and sewed a conventional seam and pressed it open. No need to finish the edges as they don’t ravel and lay much nicer when left raw.

      • Cherie

        Thanks Gigi! I just got a serger for Christmas (Huskylock 905) and I can’t wait to begin using it. So glad you used the serger on this dress – and thanks for for sewing specs!

  22. Terry Sharkey

    Just found you website and loved it so much I could not stop. I was into Sept. when I came across your Jalie #2794. Tried ever which way to buy it but it was out of stock. Can you help me find one?
    I even sent a comment before I realized it was Sept. 09 so I am trying again.
    Keep up the good work, we love it.

    Terry from Davie

  23. Amy

    Hi, I am making this pattern, B5313 for a friend’s daughter as part of her costume for a musical theatre song she is singing for a music festival. She is very petite (size 1 or 2 when buying clothes at the store) but according to the measurements I took of her, she is a size 6 in the Butterick measurements. I don’t normally sew Butterick patterns. Is the sizings that much different than her store bought clothes? Should I cut out the size 6 when originally I was going to cut hers smaller? Thanks

    • Hi Amy, sorry I’ve taken so long to respond! Yes, sizing is much, much different from store-bought clothing. I am usually a 2 or 4 (depending on the make) and start with a size 8.

      • Amy

        Hi Gigi, thanks for the confirmation on how different sizes are for sewing compared to store bought! I sewed it and it turned out great (size 8 fit her perfectly), it was pink charmeuse with pink lace over top, it definitely looked like a costume! I need to learn more about my serger, I don’t use it for everything it is capable of. You are very inspiring, thanks!!

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