Another Butterick 5313

I haven’t done much sewing since the first, sigh. Last weekend, I decided to clean out my garage because we had bulk pickup last Thursday. What I thought would take a few hours ended up taking most of the weekend. I am a bit of a saver and had to be really ruthless because I had to make space for our bikes (I was so sick of seeing them on the back patio!), new lawn equipment and a miter saw that I bought a few months ago. I accomplished everything I wanted to and am so glad it’s done!

I did some sewing last week but nothing terribly exciting. Bryan left for the National Football Convention yesterday and asked me to hem some track pants (with leg zippers, ugh) and make him a navy fleece pullover. Luckily, I had some navy fleece in my stash so I pulled out my trusty old Kwik-Sew 2531 which I’ve made more times than I can recall. The only suitable navy zip I had in my stash was a 2-way separator so I just cut off the excess length and bound the bottom (which was really scratchy) with a piece of grosgrain ribbon.


This pattern does not include facings so I have drafted my own. I just think it looks more finished that way and it only takes a few minutes to do. You can see where I’ve zigzagged the facing edges down.


None of the navy nylon/lycras in my stash matched this fabric well enough so I ended up using stretch illusion of all things! If only he knew! I think it looks fine.


I finally had some time to sew for myself today so I finished up the charcoal version of Butterick 5313. This is the Vera Wang Lavendar jersey that had some months back. It was really nice to work with and I now wish I’d bought more colors. This dress will be a great year-round basic. It can be worn with flats, heels or boots, making it easy to dress up or down. It wasn’t as exciting as working with a print but I am really need of basics so I’ll have to get used to that!


In case you are wondering, yes, I did leave the flounce hem edge raw again. I am sure that Mrs. Kazen, my middle-school Home Ec. teacher, would just die at the very though of it. But, I love the way it hangs and moves so why not?


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16 responses to “Another Butterick 5313

  1. I just love the Butterick dress pattern! They are all turning out so nice.

  2. Your dress is very elegant looking. It will go a lot of places in it’s lifetime.

  3. Dei

    The jacket is great. Love your inventiveness. I just skipped over that dress patten and now you’ve made me see it’s a must for my wardrobe. How cute and practical!

  4. Sue

    Very, very nice. Love how the flounce hangs.

  5. The color of the dress rocks. I love it.

  6. It doesn’t ravel, and it looks neater that way, so why not leave the hem unfinished? I do that with the dance skirts I make all the time. Your dress looks fab!

  7. I left the hemlines in the raw on a couple of knit dresses years ago and they still look good today. I think you’ll love how this technique works in the long run and it has such a nice sharp edge too. The fleece pullover looks good! Good thing you had all the accoutrements in the stash, eh?

  8. Aren’t you sometimes happy, that there is no right or wrong if it does look good and makes you happy? I think it is perfectly fine if it does not ravel!

  9. Summerset

    Butterick 5313 seems to be a winner! I like the idea of the raw hem on a non-raveling knit – reduces bulk and really lets that hemline swing.

  10. Karen

    You are a WONDER! The way you just whipped up a fleece like that. I’m following your blog on Google Reader and your sewing amazes me πŸ™‚

  11. I love the no finishing. It doesn’t need it and looks so light and swingy!

  12. Lindsay T

    The better knit dresses I see at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales NEVER have finished hems these days. Looks like perfection as is.

  13. Both of these pieces are so professional looking and I love that dress. My daughter would too!Ummm!

  14. The “basic” dress is just perfect!

  15. Bryan is lucky to have you πŸ™‚ and you definetly deserved sewing another pretty dress for yourself after all of that.

  16. Gigi, the dress is so beautiful, and I bet it moves wonderfully. I really like the way you finished the pullover. I am sure Bryan loves it.