Another McCall’s 5984

First, I’d like to thank you for all of your well-wishes! Bryan is feeling much better. Okay, he does have blisters on his legs the size of my fist but he isn’t in as much pain as he was. The Dr. put him on antibiotics and we’ve just been laying low all week. He’s just amazing – every bit the ray of sunshine he always is.

I met with a contractor and structural engineer on Wednesday afternoon and work starts Monday morning – yay!!!! Since the condition of my house is only going to get worse two days from now, I have talked myself out of doing any housework this weekend. I am going to ignore everything and sew, sew, sew! I have worn the McCall’s jacket several times in the past week and have received so many compliments on it that I decided to make it again. Since the weather could turn warm again any second I will eliminate the back pleat. Not only will that speed things along a little, it will also make the jacket look a little different from the first one.

I think I’m going to use this wool/silk bouclé that I purchased from Ultra Fabrics in Miami ages ago. I know what you’re thinking: Go Chanel or Go Home! (I love that blog!). Yes, it would be perfect for a Chanel jacket but I promise I have even better goodies in my stash for that. Now, the only trouble is finding snaps that I like. I went to Fabric Hell this morning hoping for some antique brass snaps (please stop laughing). I suppose I could use the tortoise-shell again but I was hoping for something a little different. I’ll see what I can turn up online.


PS: Although the Purse Wall was blown to bits, I didn’t have a single fatality! I did think I had lost my lovely gold Delman sandals with the feather trim and scoured the yard with a flashlight at 2 a.m. They’ve been found unharmed. 🙂


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9 responses to “Another McCall’s 5984

  1. Gigi, I have some of those tortoise snaps in my stash. Send me an email with how many you need and I’ll send them to you.

  2. Whoops – read it too fast. I don’t have the antique brass. I wish I had known – I saw some that were really cool at Pacific Trim. They were antique brass, and square!

    • Thanks, Ann – I’ll give them a call on Monday and have them send me some! Too bad I didn’t know I needed them while you were in the city.

  3. Meredith P

    I’m glad Bryan is improving. Yikes!!!

    On the positive side, think of the contribution you are making to the local contracting economy and it’s a plus for you that they can start so soon.

    So glad there were not more serious injuries.

  4. Gigi – I was going to make the same suggestion that Ann did so I’m glad you are going to call them on Monday. Have them explain which ones they have because they have an awesome amount of interesting snaps! And I’m so glad that Bryan is doing okay!!!

  5. CGCouture

    Long time lurker, and I wanted to de-lurk to tell you that I’m glad things are working out for you with the house repairs. It’s awesome that Bryan is doing well, I can’t imagine how scary that would be! Hope you get lots of sewing done the next couple of days!

  6. So glad to hear the he is ok and recovering. Things like that make everything else seem so unimportant.

  7. I’m glad things are getting back to normal for you. The fabric is beautiful.

  8. Glad, that Brian is well and you are so right. A house can be fixed. Fixing a person is so much harder!