Another McCall’s 5984 – Part II

I managed to get quite a lot done on the jacket yesterday considering that cutting out too as much time as it did. This bouclé was very shifty so I had to cut single layer to make sure everything was perfectly on grain.

By dinner time last night I had completed the body of the jacket.


I used a stay in the back. Ordinarily, I’d just use a piece of muslin but I couldn’t find any (really must reorganize!) so I used a thin, tightly woven drapery lining I had on hand. Even a printed cotton would work but I’m using Ambiance lining and I was afraid it would show through.


Closeup of one of the pockets. These pockets are so simple to make and look so nice. Isn’t this fabric beautiful?


I constructed and set the sleeves in this morning. Now I’m ready to insert the shoulder pads and construct the lining/facing/collar unit.


It’s taken four men four hours to chisel that tiny slit on the right with a jack hammer. My house, she is strong like the ox. Right now, this crew is thinking it would be easier to break into a bank.



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10 responses to “Another McCall’s 5984 – Part II

  1. Looks like another gorgeous jacket in the works. Curious–are you doing any re-design of your house or just replacing/repairing? Glad you seem to be getting started so soon. Sally

    • Thank you, Sally! I actually love my bathroom just as it is so I’m not changing the layout. However, I am replacing my closet’s bypass doors with a regular door to give me more space.

  2. I love the pockets, and the fabric!! Since I have Boucle’ in my stash that I plan to use in the Stash Reduction contest on PR, could you direct me to a tutorial for those pockets? I would like to practice before the actual sewing experience.

    By the way, today I am using your tutorial on sewing yokes on men’s shirts. I have used your assembly tutorial for the umpteenth time. I love the easy sequence and the wonderful finish it gives. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Meredith P

    Jacket is gorgeous. Are you sitting in the house having to LISTEN to aforementioned jack hammer? Argh!

  4. Els

    Lovely fabric for your new jacket, it would look fabulous if you use buttons instead of snaps.

  5. You have a good start on that jacket. Love the fabric.

  6. Oh my, they spent that long with a jackhammer to do so little? They must be crazy, as must you!
    Your jacket is pretty – love the colors!!

  7. What a gorgeous jacket. The pockets are beautiful. You say they are easy…where do I find instructions on how to do them?

  8. The jacket is coming together nicely.