Another McCall’s 5984 – Final

It’s been a pretty stressful week and I was glad to have something to work on to take my mind off of everything else. Although at times it was not easy to concentrate with all the noise!


The only thing I still have to take care of are the closures. I didn’t get around to calling Pacific Trimming about snaps and then Els suggested I try buttons. I’ll play around with that tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, I eliminated the inverted pleat at the back. This not only cut down on sewing time but also gives this jacket a different look from the first one. If you do this, don’t forget to add an ease pleat to your lining.


Ordinarily, I would catchstitch the upper and under collar seams together from the inside but this boucle hides stitches so well that I was able to ditch-stitch from the right side.


Again, I added a hanging chain. I wasted so much time yesterday looking for the leftover chain from the first jacket. I remember putting it away but don’t remember where. Last night I finally went back to Michael’s and bought more.


The hole in my house has finally been repaired – yay! Concrete block was laid in the center of the hole and is flanked by rebar-reinforced poured concrete columns. I just love the little funnels attached to the top of the plywood forms.


It looks really good from the inside.


I decided not to redo the cedar closet. It was something that my ex wanted and it will feel nice to have one less bit of him in the house. I need to start looking at closets to get some idea of what to do in here.


I had no trouble picking out new tile. I wanted Travertine but also wanted something really durable and low maintenance. I was thrilled to find this porcelain tile that looks like natural stone so I can have the look without worrying about staining and periodic resealing. I propped it against my tumbled Travertine backsplash and I think it looks amazingly realistic.


My cat Ricki has been completely stressed out since work began on Monday and has been hiding under one bed or another. Kanga, the lady of the house, has been totally pissed off. She just lays on the sofa and tries to put voodoo curses on the workers.


Winnie Whiskers, OTOH, was completely undisturbed by the noise and commotion. She’s so ladylike, isn’t she?


Tomorrow I have to shop for faucets and moldings. I’m thinking of upgrading all of my door casings in the bathroom so I’ll need to get that done before tiling begins.


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20 responses to “Another McCall’s 5984 – Final

  1. Wow! The jacket looks wonderful. It looks cozy and polished all at once. Nice! Your home looks like it is coming together as well. I’m so glad!

  2. Well, you definitely get the grace under pressure award! I love the cheerfulness of the jacket, and the tailoring. You’ll show us a full frontal view of the jacket on you, won’t you?

  3. Love that jacket and the print.

  4. Meredith P

    The jacket looks wonderful, the construction is coming along, and thanks so much for the update on the kitties. I was concerned about them, along with the two of you.

    There are a lot of nice closet organization things out there. You will enjoy! We had a California Closet in our Florida home. I missed it terribly when we moved. OK, I missed the sewing room more, but I was able to get another sewing room 😉

  5. P.S. Question: What does catch stitching the upper and under collar seams together do? Does it make the turn of the cloth roll under better? AND, when stitching in the ditch like you did above is the seam pressed toward the under collar or the upper collar; or is the seam stitched open? Again, what is the result of this technique?…to make the under collar roll under better?

    • Faye, the two neckline seams need to be attached to each other so that they aren’t moving around independent of one another while the jacket is being worn. The under collar is first sewn to the jacket unit at the neckline, then the upper collar is sewn to the lining/facing unit at the neckline. Then the two units are joined together at the outer edges. Once the outer edges have been pressed, graded and turned, the last step is joining both under- and upper-collar neckline seams to each other. Traditionally, this is done by hand on the inside of the garment (before the lining has been closed up) but it can also be done by carefully matching up the seamlines and stitching in the ditch as I’ve done here. Does that make sense?

  6. Vicki

    This jacket is just as lovely as the other..but different. Good work under the conditions 🙂

  7. It is interesting how the omission of the back pleat gives you a totally different looking jacket! I love it! Have you decided what type of buttons you are going to put on it?

  8. The jacket is amazing!!
    I cannot believe how fast they are moving on your house!

  9. Olivia

    I love that boucle!! It is really beautiful and that style is perfect for it. Looks like your repairs are coming right along. I vote for California closets too.

  10. That’s a very elegant and beautiful jacket. I love the lining–it’s “firey”.

  11. The jacket is so elegant and you will look smashing in it!

    And your kitties are tooo cute!

  12. Winnie still loves that leopard print chair cover you made a few years back! And I hear you about taking the opportunity to have a little less of the ex around in the house. Way to take a lemon and turn it into lemonade, Gigi.

  13. Karen

    You are a very talented lady! This is a very fun blog to follow.

  14. Summerset

    Beautiful and a lovely bonus of stress relief. Your cat are cute, too. It is amazing how each personality reacts to what is going on around them.

  15. Vibeke

    Oh goody, 12 jacket journeys. Both of your jackets are beautiful, though I love the red one the most.

  16. I love the jacket, especially the colors!! The pockets are wonderful but I cannot find any instructions for installing them. Do you have a source or a link we can follow? I have a few pieces of Boucle’ for jackets and would love to add this feature to my jackets.

  17. gia

    Just found your website (via top 10 list on the web) and it looks fantastic! I will be reading and enjoying your posts, and adding replies. Looks like you have alot of fun and have great practical posts and photos. I looooove to sew too and am searching for more creative sew-maniacs, so much to be gained by sewing. ciao! gia/cottonjens