BMV it is!

Thank you all for weighing in on this subject. After reading all of your comments, I have decided to go ahead and join. The JoAnn’s near my house is very slow to get the new patterns out and then they are often out of my size so I have to drive to the store across town and hope they have what I want. Saving time and aggravation is certainly worth $1 more per pattern!

Daily bathroom progress:

I have walls!!!! I love my double niches. I made a small (Jim approved) one on the other wall for my soap. The electrician came yesterday so the power in that part of the house is back on. I have had long extension cords going to the living room.


There is a problem with the alarm wiring on the bathroom window. I’ll have to open up the wall and see – probably a broken wire. No worries, though, this is impact glass. Even a sledgehammer wouldn’t break it.


The plumber is here now doing his thing and the closet walls are going up today. I’ve picked out my new closet door – if it’s in when I get home tonight I will squeel with delight. They should be done with most of the dusty work by the weekend so I can give my house a thorough cleaning.

No sewing last night but I did resew the snaps on my red jacket. After looking at the photos I realized I’d sewed them too far away from the edge. They looked funny to me so I took them off and redid them.


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5 responses to “BMV it is!

  1. We added a niche when we renovated the girls bathroom, and it’s a great little feature! So easy too, just box in a space between the studs and you have tons of room for shampoos and such.

  2. CGCouture

    Ugh! Sheetrock dust is awful, isn’t it? And I hear you on the extension cord thing–been there, done that. Are you going to post side-by-side comparisons of your red jacket so that we can see what you did, or will it be obvious? I’m anxious to see what it will look like paired up with other clothing. 🙂

  3. Oh I love niches and when I redo the bathroom I hope to have them too. Glad to hear the dusty stuff will be done soon and that power is on again.

  4. Meredith P

    Great progress!

  5. I love what you did with the scissors!