Snap Redo – McCalls 5984

As I mentioned yesterday, I sewed the snaps too far away from the edge so I took them off and resewed them. Ideally, a button’s location from the edge should be equal to half it’s width. I guess my mind must have been on something else – no big deal.


Here’s my first attempt – just a wee bit too far in.


Daily progress:

My closet has a wall! No door (so no squeeling) but there’s a wall. 🙂


And, as is my perogative, I have changed my mind on the tile. I decided to go all the way and install Travertine. My friend Jim is going to do the job for me – he’s really, really good.


Here’s the tile along with my vanity and granite selections. I still have so many things to pick but none of them as pressing as these. I’m a very visual person and don’t do well making my selections all at once because I can’t imagine how it will all fit together. I kind of have to see how things are coming along before I can move on to the next thing. I do the same thing when sewing.


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20 responses to “Snap Redo – McCalls 5984

  1. cathy

    o-m-g! I think I know you. Im trying to think where we worked togather. Barnett Brass maybe I dont think it was Roadway. You went to work for Blue Cross. My maiden name was Girgis. It was maybe 15yrs ago. email me…

  2. I agree with making decisions as things progress. I have to live with something before I know what I want to do.

    The jacket looks great! I love the line on the turn back on the collar. The snaps are interesting, but I don’t know if I could live with them. Would take some getting used to. Great work!

  3. I really love the coat. Those large snaps give it such an edgy look.

  4. Oh, what the heck! Good footloose and fancy-free and squeeeeeeeel anyway. You’re rebuilding so quickly! Good on you for bouncing back! Kisses from Brussels (that’s a normal thing to say around here)

  5. Your jacket looks fantastic. I never knew the rule of thumb about placing buttons their own width in from the edge of the fabric. It makes sense and is nice to know.

    Good luck with all your remodelling. I am sure the results will be amazing.

  6. I always have to see something also before I can make a decision so I think it is good to make decisions as things progress. I do that with everything, and when I do start out with a plan, it all too often evolves as I get going and see what is actually going on.

    The progress on the house looks fabulous though.

  7. Meredith P

    I have to say, that sheet rock looks a very pretty sage green in the pictures. Can’t get over how fast this is all coming together.

  8. Pat Spurza


    I have that McCalls pattern and wondered if you think it would work without any closure (snaps) with the collar open as you show it. That is not a very good sentance. Hope you get the message. Thanks Pat

    Enjoy your blog.

    • Actually, it hangs very nicely without utilizing any closures. You might want to maybe put a fur hook at the top just in case but it does look very swingy and nice open.

  9. Gigi…the jacket is amazing.

    (and I love your renovation choices!)

  10. Sally

    Very nice choices. When I have too many decisions, I feel overloaded and then can’t make a single decision. I like to have a general idea and then pursue things one or two at a time–mull them over in my mind.

    And I’m amazed at how quickly things are moving along. Lucky you. Sally

  11. CGCouture

    You know, I didn’t notice anything wrong with the snaps before, but it does seem to look better now. Your house crew just keeps plugging along and it’s starting to come together. I like your choices of tile and vanity, I’m having some trouble picturing the granite with it, but then, I’m not so good with the visualizations. LOL!

  12. milwaukee_kelly

    Pretty fabric! Love travertine.

  13. I love this decision and you shouldn’t second guess if this came from your instinct. More than likely you chose the right closures. Sally is correct, the over arching project can be handled by small and practicable steps.


  14. Hi Gigi. Love watching your building project! What is the name of that granite? Is it Tropical Brown? We are getting ready to choose granite and I believe that is what we are going with. I was curious if that’s what you are installing. Our floor tile is a very similar color as yours, too!

  15. Hi: Sorry to leave you a slightly unrelated comment on this post. But I was told you had a really great tutorial on doing a full-bust adjustment, but for the life me of I can not find it on your website (and I didn’t find a contact page). I looked under tutorials, adjustments and patterns. Could you please point me to it??

    -thx so much!

    • I don’t have one here but I did have one over at Pattern Review (in the Expert Forum) so you might want to search over there. I use the method as described in Palmer/Pletsch’s Fit For Real People. I’ll have to see if I still have those photos in my archives. If I do I’ll post them here!