Simplicity 2443 – Part IV

I couldn’t sleep this morning so I decided to get up and work on the jacket a little more.

I ended up taking the welts off altogether and don’t miss them! I think that between the pockets, oversized tabs and ties this jacket has enough going on without adding superfluous details. The facing has been attached and topstitched but I probably won’t be able to start on the peplum until the weekend as my dance card is pretty full for the rest of this week.


I finished the edges of the facing with a Hong Kong finish. I just happened to have 1/4 yard of a matching cotton fabric in my stash. I have no idea why I originally bought it but it came in handy.


I was surfing the internet this afternoon and look what I found: the Cynthia Rowley jacket in leather! I don’t know if it only came in leather originally or if this is just another version. I like the leather a lot but I’m not sure it would be practical where I live. In case you are wondering, the price is/was $550 – pretty reasonable, IMO (although I do think it could look neater).



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16 responses to “Simplicity 2443 – Part IV

  1. Oh Gigi I’m really glad you took that welt thingy off. It cleans up the front of the jacket which has so much going on with it already. Love, love the hong kong finishing. This is looking sooooo good!

  2. Oh that is so much nicer! Sometimes I think a little sleep break gives our heads time to clear and then the right solution can make its way out. This jacket is going to be so fabulous!

  3. That looks so neat and professional. I love it. I can’t wait to see the Finished Object. It’s intriguing.

  4. Lindsay T

    I don’t get how the closures work on this jacket. Are you actually supposed to do something with ties and the loops, or is it all just decorative? I adore this jacket and plan on making it out of some cotton piqué I have in my stash. Love how your version is turning out.

    • CGCouture

      I’m with you–I’m not sure I understand how the ties work either. This jacket looks to me like it’s begging to have some sort of funky wooden button–maybe those oblong ones?

      Yes! Much better without the welts! Makes it look a lot less “busy”. I’m excited to see this when it’s finished.

  5. Your jacket turns out great. I presonally like it better without the welts, too. And i admire you precise work and exquisite finishing.

  6. Fabulous! I like it much better without the welts, too.

  7. gia

    love love the Hong Kong finish – a brand new term for me too!

  8. Wow. That is the beauty of sewing within one’s palette, fabrics ‘before and anfter’ the sewing machine tend to go together. You got a perfect match! And it looks better without the welts.

  9. subversivesewer

    I like it better now too. Is it wrong of me to like it better without the ties, too? they just seem like they’d be a pain to wear.

  10. Yeah, I agree. The welts needed to go. Looks much cleaner this way. Great progress.

  11. judi0044

    Your fabric is lovely – looks similar to some that EOS has had on her site recently. Your sewing is also lovely – you do great work. I like it w/o the welts as well. Happy sewing!

  12. Momghoti

    I definitely agree on the welts–they’re not bad on the leather, but that’s a ‘slouchy’ look and this lovely linen is…elegant.
    Not sure about the ties, either–certainly not on that leather jacket; the cotton ties on the leather make it look mismatched, kinda thrown together.
    Love the Hong Kong finish-I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks so nice. What are the odds of finding a perfect match in your stash? You realize that it would have taken a year to find it in the stores.

  13. I am anxious to see your finished jacket. I just bought the pattern, and hope to make it soon. I am on the fence about the ties though and wondering about a different closure.

  14. Summerset

    I’m agreeing on the welts, too. I like the look of the jacket, but there’s a lot going on there, especially if you’re making this in a smaller size. It is looking good and it is definitely going to be great for summer. BTW, I found the matching CR dress (from the same pattern) at TJMaxx the other day. I’ve have to get some of photos of it and maybe do a post.

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