Simplicity 2443 – Part V

Okay, I lied. I did work on the jacket a little today, after all. The peplum and facing is on and topstitched which did not take very long. So, now all that’s left are the sleeves which I’ll take care of this weekend.


I like that the back is a little shorter and has a nice shape. I did make a teeny sway back adjustment which I probably didn’t even need. You can barely see that I added a horizontal dart because I needed a little more bust room. I transferred some of the horizontal dart to the vertical dart.


Several of you commented on the tie closure. I like the closure because it’s really different. I think it’s not meant to be closed but to instead hang open – which will be nice over a tank top or camisole. However, now you all have me thinking about other closures so I might make another one with completely different pockets, interesting antler-crown buttons and bias loops. Heck, you’ve practically dared me! 😉 I’ll probably change the sleeves too since these sleeves are pretty distinctive.

Things are going very well in the bathroom. I figure you are all getting bored with my photos so I’ll post them again once we get closer to completion.

PS: By now you are probably wondering what color this fabric really is! It’s a tough one to capture on camera. If you have the Pantone Shopping Guide it’s close to 18-3015 with blue threads woven in.


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5 responses to “Simplicity 2443 – Part V

  1. Sally

    Gorgeous is all I can say. Can’t wait to see it finished (as well as your second version–hint, hint). And the completed bathroom as well. Sally

  2. I love the jacket. The closures are interesting and can work for corporate or a more casual look – my marker for a really versatile garment.

  3. vernonfashionstudio

    This is lovely! I am with you on the welts. You didn’t need them.

  4. Lydia Weathersby

    Fabulous! Love everything about it – the topstitching is a 10! I’m glad you deleted the welts and the button closures are perfect with the pockets.

  5. Looking good! It was def a good move to take off those welts, the four pockets, narrow peplum, distinctive loop closures and beautiful purple colour give enough for the eye to look at. I love the closures, they make it so neat.