Bathroom curtain

I’m so sick of looking at the naked window in my WC. I’ve decided that I’d like a bamboo Roman shade in a nice deep color. Unfortunately, none of the ready-made sizes even come close so mine will have to be custom ordered. Since I still need sinks and a countertop, the shade will have to wait until I find a job!

While rummaging through the dresser where I keep my home dec fabrics, I found these two beauties (very wrinkled, sorry!). I know they look the same color as the wall but they aren’t. I just had trouble capturing the colors as the overhead light casts a golden glow onto everything. The main fabric is a very crisp and sheer silk stripe. I think it would work well as a Roman shade. The other fabric is beautifully embroidered and the colors work very well but I only have two small pieces. I could possibly make a valance or trim the shade with it, I don’t know. I always find these little bathroom windows tough so if you have any ideas, please feel free to share them!


I finally hung the “sewing art” I made in February. I thought the shears looked nice hanging with some vintage shoe lasts at the entrance to my closet.


I have made some progress on the Cynthia Rowley jacket (remember that?). I disregarded the pattern’s instruction for the sleeve placket and used what I call the Magic Placket instead. However, that means I’ll have to make a couple of changes to the sleeve band. It’s fun to just wing it sometimes! I’ll try to post photos tomorrow, time permitting. I probably don’t even have two hours left on this jacket and I’m pretty anxious to finish it and start on Jacket #4.


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  1. I think it will look great! I have to say I’m the queen of low-cost window treatments. I covered a slider and a large floor to ceiling window in our bedroom with……non-woven interfacing! Its just opaque enough to give us privacy but still lets in light and I cut a decorative border into the top edge by tacing around some pot lids. It’s stuck to the glass with double stick tape. It was supposed to a temporary solution but it’s been up there for, oh, six years now! I’ll post a photo on my blog.

  2. I like your sewing art.
    I have some too, and I just wrote a blog post about it.

    I have some old Singer shears and pinking shears, they could be boxed like you did.
    Very nice wall.
    And I love yout curtain fabric.

  3. Miss Celie

    I also need to sew a bathroom curtain. Something very washable too since I my foundation is powder. There’s brown dust *all* over my bathroom! Oh, and i love the knobs that Phyllis told you about too.

  4. CGCouture

    I’m going to have to ask you what the “magic placket” is, that sounds like something I need. Could you just make some panels with them? That way when you are done with them it would be easy to reuse them for a different project.

    • CGCouture

      Sorry, I just proofread that (:oops:) I meant making some panel curtains so that you could reuse the fabric for something later.

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  6. JustGail

    the sewing art is very cool! As far as windows, I think I’d go with a roman shade of the plain, with a bit of the pattern for trim at the bottom, and then use the patterned as a valence. Or what about shutters where you use fabric in the center of the panels?

    Or if you want the window to appear larger, hang panels on either side of the window, with the bottom of the valence just covering the top of the window. Then your mind thinks there’s window behind all the curtain bits also. If you want to use the fabric you have, this would most likely be a possible future project.

    How large (small?) is the window? If it’s really small, I’d keep it simple.

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  8. I like your sewing. However, I’m not really into the color. Too bright in my opinion.

    I’m also looking for something to hang on my bathroom window.

  9. Just curious. Are those real shoes? What an unique idea!