Window treatments – Part I

I don’t know where the week has gone! Today I thought I’d try to finish up at least one project and decided to work on the Roman shade for my bathroom. I was going to trim the edges with that beautiful embroidered fabric I showed you a few weeks ago but it was impossible to turn under the edges due to the highly dimensional embroidery. Instead, I used strips of Ultrasuede from my stash. I LOVE it when I can use something I already have! The silk was free and I already had the shade tape and cord. All I had to buy was a small scrap of wood for the mounting board, a cleat and three screw eyes for a total of $4 and change.

I’m so pleased with the way this turned out! I wanted the shade to be extra long so that I could keep it closed but still have the interest of pleats at the bottom. This woven-stripe organza works very nicely for a soft shade and is easy to work with (except that it ravelled like crazy!). Please forgive those ripples on the left – nothing a few minutes with the steamer won’t fix.



Here you can see the Ultrasuede trim a little better.


I used a wooden cord end from my stash to neaten up the pull cords. I knotted the cords in two places: half-up (in case I want to open the window) and fully down. That makes it easy to put the shade at the desired height.


I’ve made many Roman shades over the years. They aren’t difficult as long as you are accurate and careful in your measuring and ring placement. The most important thing I can tell you is not to freak out if your shade doesn’t pleat nicely at first. The shade must be trained so raise it up, adjust the pleats and leave it alone for a dayor so. Once trained, your shade will fold up nicely every time.

I am still planning on using the embroidered fabric for the valance. I thought I had a small decorative rod around here somewhere but I can’t seem to find it so I won’t be able to do that today.


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15 responses to “Window treatments – Part I

  1. Your shade looks great! I like the contrast between the sheer fabric and the ultrasuede, and your workmanship is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the embroidered valance!

  2. Miss Celie

    I’ve made several for my parents. But, they’ve never been this pretty!

  3. I love that one! I have made lots of Roman shades and I really like them. I think it’s time to redo the window treatments in my bedroom!

  4. Your shades looks fantastic. I’m just about to start making a few for someone else and haven’t done it before. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Elaine

    This is so pretty and yet so elegant.

  6. gia

    your shades are so impressive, i love your combo of silk and ultrasuede. it was a window treatment weekend here too! i hemmed linen drapes for our living room windows, all the while measure twice, cut once, was running thru my head . i have enough fabric to do another window too – just enough. looking forward to seeing the pretty valance

  7. susan, canberra, australia

    A bordered roman blind looks – well – just so Roman. What an unlikely but striking combination with the ultrasuede stabilising the shape and the silk allowing muted light through. Very impressive!

  8. Elegant. Beautiful. The contrast between the ultra suede and the silk make a goregeous shade. Looking forward to seeing the valance.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the “simple” elegance, and the extra length.

  10. Simply elegant, Gigi. You’re a genius!

  11. Heather

    I have been afflicked with serious ‘Roman Shade Envy’. Do you know that disease?

    It is soooooooo gorgeous, trust you to have such fabulous taste and artistic eyes to ‘marry’ those 2 fabrics.

  12. Gorgeous! I just made a roman shade for a bathroom, too. It would look so much better if I’d thought to make it extra long. The pleats at the bottom do add interest and sumptuousness.
    Let’s face it, in a bathroom, the shade may stay down all the time (for privacy purposes).

    Do you think you’ll write a post someday on your steam boiler iron? I just read kathleen fasanella’s post about hers, and saw you commented that you were thinking of getting one, too.
    Did you and do you love it?
    Enquiring minds want to know!

  13. That is a beautiful shade and I love the idea of making it extra long so that there is some weight at the bottom. I’ve made Roman shades, but never that beautiful. Now you have me thinking about window treatments.

  14. Lexley

    Your blinds ook just stunning….and i love the crystal knobs you purchased for the drawer knobs in your bathroom… exquisite!

  15. Beautiful! Great job!