Window treatments – Final

I dragged myself out to Home Depot in a monsoon this morning to buy a decorative rod for the bathroom. I did manage to finish the valance – what took the most time was deciding on a design – with the polyester fabrics fighting me the entire way! (Please note that JoAnn’s still has this fabric in other colorways – do not be seduced by it’s beauty, walk on by!)


I use a lot of polyester knits and find them very easy to sew but poly wovens, argh. Give me natural fibers any day! Ultrasuede is generally very easy to sew but this is Facile (I think the new name is Ultrasuede Light) and it’s a tad too drapey for this type of treatment. Not it’s fault, it just happened to be the right color for this project! The embroidered poly really pushed the limits of my new boiler iron and still there are puckers. Oh well, it’s up and the rest of the fabric is in the trash.


My neighbor gave me this air plant mounted on a cedar slab. How nice is that? Air plants live on just that – air. It appears to have some sort of flower stalk so I can’t wait to see how that develops. The cedar was from the wall unit I demo’d in my living room awhile ago. I gave some of it to my neighbor and the rest to a friend’s dad. Woodworkers don’t turn down good wood anymore than we’d turn down good fabric!



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11 responses to “Window treatments – Final

  1. Those are really elegant and pretty!!

  2. ruth

    i bought airplants some 25 years ago and had to give them to my mother who has green fingers. within 6 months the airplants had lovely, large flowers on, as big as the plant itself and this flowering continued for 3-4 months. mum use to spray them with a mist of water every so often, and i didn’t do this – perhaps this made the difference. she still has them today on the windowsill in her kitchen.

  3. Love that valance/shade combo!

  4. Simple, dramatic, beautiful – I love it!

  5. CGCouture

    LOVE the shades! Sucks that the fabric was a witch to work with though…seems to be a common theme with most of the pretty fabrics.

  6. Summerset

    Elegant window treatment! I totally agree about the JA fabric – run away, run away!

  7. Another name for airplants is epiphyte. Yours is some sort of bromeliad. I’m a little rusty on them, so I don’t know what kind you have but when it blooms it will be very stunning!

    Great shade!

  8. vernonfashionstudio

    That is very chic and sophisticated window treatment! Love it.

  9. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog looking for stuff on airplants (Tillandsia sp.)–I just bought a bunch the past two days (pics and info on my blog) and was just curious how people displayed them. One thing to note, which I just found out, is that although they are called “air plants” they do not just thrive on air. They need to be drenched in water (ideally, submerged in a “bath”) two to three times per week(!) and then completely dried (upside down is best, so the water doesn’t collect in the stems). Misting is good for added humidity but supposedly not enough for them to thrive–they need to be drenched. A 10-20 minute soak in tepid water is best, although if they are looking rough you can soak them for 1-2 hours or up to 12 hours if you are going away for a week or more.

    Enjoy! They are really cool plants!

    • Well, lucky for me, it is so humid here that I don’t need to water them at all for most of the year! I have dozens of them growing in my trees.

  10. Meredith P

    Lovely shades and airplants. Makes me just a little homesick for FL, but not that much 🙂