Simplicity 2443 – Final!

Yay, I am finished! I’ve been working on this jacket so long and it feels really good to be done. As suspected, the sleeves were just a little too long and needed to be shortened by 5/8″.


I also reduced the gathering on the sleeves which called for longer cuffs. Actually, since I decided I didn’t want the D-ring detail on the sleeve cuff I was able to trim down the extra-long existing cuff.

I had a few ideas for the cuffs but finally settled on something low-key since there is so much going on in the front of the jacket. I found these beautiful buttons in my collection and just made a scaled down version of the front loops for fastening.



One thing I will change on the next version is to bring the placket a bit more towards the front. It just seems too far back to my eye.


I really love the shape of this. Notice how the back curves up. It’s a very flattering little jacket that could be a really good basic. As I mentioned before, my next version will be in a white embroidered linen with simple button loops and MOP buttons.

I’m sure many of you notice that the sleeve is hanging off-grain on Ethel. Unlike Ethel, I have quite forward shoulders so they do hang nicely on me.


Now, for the fine print: I started with my usual size 8 (I’m a lot smaller through the shoulders and upper chest than I appear!) and made a full-bust adjustment. I kept some of the FBA in a horizontal dart (which you really can’t even see because of the pockets) and transferred the rest of it to the existing vertical dart. I also made a forward shoulder adjustment and shortened the sleeves. These are typical adjustments that I make to nearly every pattern so no surprises here.


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21 responses to “Simplicity 2443 – Final!

  1. That is really pretty!!! Very well done!!!

  2. Very pretty jacket, this is such a great pattern.

  3. I looooove your version of the jacket! I made one myself in a thick denim (big mistake!) but it is still wearable! I want to make one now in a lighter fabric!

  4. I love your version of this jacket. I looked at the pattern this morning but was a little put off by the tie closure. Would it work with buttons and perhaps a slightly narrower loop?

    • You could absolutely use a button/loop closure with this style. I will probably use a hidden hook/eye closure on the one I’m currently working on.

  5. gia

    your jacket is simply beautiful, esp the fun details and cut. a good jacket in the wardrobe is quality…

  6. This is really pretty, I can’t believe you managed to get this done with all your building work going on!

  7. So beautiful!! The fabric is wonderful and the buttons on the sleeve are perfect. Very nice!

  8. Auntie Allyn

    Bee-yoo-tee-full!!! Your construction techniques are just fabulous!

  9. That’s a terrific jacket. I like how you eliminated the d-rings on the cuffs. Very nice.

  10. Very pretty, and purple linen is just fun to wear. Wasn’t it a kick to move your Jacket ticker forward one space?

  11. Elle

    Beautiful jacket, absolutely fabulous!

    PS-I am going to make this jacket because of you. Wish me the skill to do it justice.

  12. Sue

    I love reading your blog. You are such an inspiration. This jacket is very nice.

  13. Dei

    Beautifully done. Labor intensive, but worth it.

  14. Gorgeous jacket! Live the color and all the design details!

  15. summersetbanks

    Beautiful! The inside finishing is perfect – I like the bound armholes rather than just serging for a jacket like this, too.

  16. vernonfashionstudio

    It is a lovely jacket and you did a great job on it. The basic shape is very nice and the sleeves are very interesting. I am not a big pocket person though but the basic shape of the jacket would work nice for a jacket I have in mind to make. {rpbably doesn’t come in my size though. 🙂

  17. La Verne Gasso

    Your workmanship is superb! Love the color too.

    La Verne

  18. Perfect! Love the front closure and the pockets, outstanding work!

  19. Lydia Weathersby

    I’ve been watching you work on this jacket, then stopped looking for awhile. I love, love, love the jacket! It turned out wonderful. Beautifully done. I envy your tallent.

  20. mariebayarea

    you are just amazing. i heart purple. look at all those great pockets!