Pique Simplicity 2443 – Part II

Thank you for all of your nice comments on this! I cut out the bands this morning and am pretty pleased with the layout. There’s something bothering me a little with the front and I’m not sure what. Maybe I’ve been looking at it and thinking about it too much. Perhaps it needs a teeny white pique piping on the outer edges to help pull it all together.



I thought white buttons/loops might help pull it together. I don’t have too many white buttons in my collection, both of these looked too prissy and the white really popped off the fabric so that’s out.


I also have these green ones which blend nicely but I still think skipping the closure (or using hidden hooks/eyes) might work best. I’ll use silver D-rings on the sleeves because the hardness of them will contrast nicely with this fabric.


UPDATE: Here I’ve pinned on a piece of white piping from my stash. I think this is what it needs – what do you think?



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18 responses to “Pique Simplicity 2443 – Part II

  1. Susan

    Interesting design challenge you’ve chosen for yourself. So far, so good.

    The piping helps define the shape of the jacket, so I feel it gives it just the right touch. I like it.

    I also feel hidden closures would be best.

  2. This is wonderful! I like the way you place the flowers, and the piping is a nice detail.
    You have made s tunning one of a kind garment. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  3. I like the white piping very much. It helps to tie the whole jacket together. I would use hooks or snaps for closures.

  4. Diane in Michigan

    Love, love, LOVE the fabric and your design placement. There are not many of us that can challenge your design choices Gigi. What about some sort of sliver closure for the front to play off the silver d-rings you will be using on the sleeve. Maybe some sort of a “BAR” button; thin and long, branch like. The white piping is the perfect touch too. Now, I’m off to research your forward shoulder adjustment and a round back adjustment. I think those might be adjustments I need. As always, thanks for taking the time to share your creations with us. It is truly appreciated! All the best, Diane in Michigan

  5. Fabulous flower matching with the bands. Since monitors vary I wouldn’t try to guess but I favor the first ones because they echo the yellow. I am always too conservative when it comes to using piping on petites, so much depends on overall proportions. I’m with out a doubt you’ll get it right, tho!

  6. Yes…I’m liking the white piping it adds a nice touch!

  7. Love the piping and I love how you’ve played with the big flowers. I like the first buttons if you are going to use buttons.

  8. I love everything about the jacket and the piping definitely ties everything together. For the buttons I like the green ones.

  9. Colleen P.

    I like the piping-when you mentioned it I was kind of on the fence, but seeing it actually on the jacket, that touch of brightness to break up the green really does look nice. I’m not convinced you need a closure, either; this is just something to cover up a tank or shell underneath, from what I understood about your original intent with the summer jackets, and the details on it really need to be restrained, IMHO, because the flower is such a standout detail on its own. The fit of the jacket is such that is hugs the body in any case and doesn’t really look as though it requires buttons or closures to hold it in place.

  10. Love the piping – it totally works!

  11. Jan

    I think the white piping was a wonderful addition. It’s a little difficult to see the porportion of the jacket while the seams aren’t quite finished, but your first inclination towards using buttons might be a good one. Perhaps an audition with and without buttons is in order? You’re such a wonderful seamstress, and everything always looks amazing! I love your blog and look forward to every challenge you undertake.

  12. Mechelle

    OHHH – just love the piping – this jacket is going to be really great – I hope you will show us your complete outfit when the jacket is done! Thanks for sharing!

  13. ruth

    i love the white piping – it looks just right. fancy buttons might be too much with the flower position – too many focal points. snaps, hooks or self covered buttons perhaps?


  14. Yes to the piping. Looking good.

  15. vernonfashionstudio

    Definately use the piping. It is just what it needs. It is beautiful!

    Linda T

  16. Martha

    The white piping really pulls this jacket together. It relates to the the white flowers, and pulls the eye slightly away from the sides of the jacket. The flowers by themselves capture a lot of attention. The piping makes the jacket look more balanced, and gives you something to look at down the front of the jacket without stealing all the thunder of the flowerburst. Just my opinion of course.

  17. Summerset

    I love the white piping – it is just the right touch.

  18. I think the white piping was just exactly what was needed. Interesting fabric!