Pique Simplicity 2443 – Part IV

This morning I pressed my darts, sewed up the shoulder, back and side seams and bound all of my seam allowances.

To prevent a thick ridge from showing on the right side, I pressed all of the darts flat instead of to one side.




I used a Hong Kong finish on all seams. This fabric is heavier than the linen I used last time and I didn’t want the bulk of flat-felled seams. Besides, the HK finish looks so pretty! Lining is also an option (see LindsayT’s lined jacket here). If you work in a chilly office that’s certainly a good alternative. It’s just too hot here right now to even think about wearing lined jackets!


I also stitched on the bands. I’m very happy with the way everything lines up!



Next, I’ll be attaching the piping and working on the sleeves.


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13 responses to “Pique Simplicity 2443 – Part IV

  1. Auntie Allyn

    I LOVE this jacket!!!! Aren’t Hong Kong-finished seams wonderful?? They give an unlined garment such a finished look!

  2. Lindsay T

    Gigi, I think this is going to be so attractive! Me too, love HK seams. Just wish they didn’t add so much time.

  3. Colleen P.

    That’s really going to be such a lovely piece when it’s done!

  4. Such perfect matching. I think this is going to be fabulous.

  5. Summer

    Wow, it’s looking great! Recutting the right sleeve made a big difference. The finished seams are lovely, and I love the piping 🙂

  6. This is looking AWESOME! I think your arrangement of the flowers is perfect, and can’t wait to see it with the white piping.

  7. Oh this is so fabulous and I love your arrangement of the flowers. I’m looking forward to more.

  8. The pattern placement and pattern matching at seamlines is flawless, and the Hong Kong finish makes it just as beautiful on the inside. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

  9. ohhh that looks so good! I just love the huge print and you placed it beautifully.
    I want one, too!

  10. The matching of the print is awesome on that jacket! This is going to be a stunning jacket.

  11. Those flowers just float right down to the next section, wonderful work. This is going to be just great.

  12. vernonfashionstudio

    Love the Hong finish in white and the piping will be perfection!

    Linda T

  13. Summerset

    Fabulous matching – this will be an awesome jacket!