Pique Simplicity 2443 – Part V

It’s been a very hot weekend here at home! Workers have been here since yesterday morning replacing the glass doors that were damaged in the explosion. Since two large walls of glass are out I’ve kept the a/c off during the day. I’m considering going to the nursery and buying some plants. Since I’m going to sweat I might as well be productive!


I did some sewing yesterday but don’t think I’ll do anymore today because it’s just too darn hot! I have a lot of pressing to do and just can’t face standing over the boiler iron right now. I did finish putting on the piping and attaching the facings yesterday so it’s really all downhill from here anyway.



Instead of turning the band seams in I opted for a Hong Kong finish and secured the edges by stitching in the ditch from the right side. This is much less bulky than enclosing everything.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! And if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful mother or mother-figure in your life, count your blessings.


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20 responses to “Pique Simplicity 2443 – Part V

  1. The piping is the perfect snap to your jacket. Stay cool!

  2. Your jacket is looking fantastic , I really like the flower placement . I can see this looking great with white linen trousers . Can I ask a dumb question ? does the piping just get sandwiched in between the jacket and facing seams? I haven’t attempted piping yet but it looks so effective.

    • Yes, Lisa, that’s exactly how it’s done. I attach the piping to the shell first and then attach the facing using my original stitching as a guide. On convex curves you need to ease in a little extra to prevent cupping and stretch a little on concave curves (like the neckline). It’s really very easy! One tip: While I avoid hand sewing like the plague, I like to hand-baste my piping on because it allows me better control. It only takes a few minutes but is so worth the trouble.

  3. Lindsay T

    Ooh, piping, nice touch. I’m thinking of making the vest version and have it zip in the front above the band.

    • That would be so pretty! This is such a nice pattern I can envision doing so many different things with it.

  4. Summerset

    Oh yeah, that white is perfect! This is going to be so sharp looking!

  5. The jacket is goooorgeous and to think is not completed.

  6. I can’t wait to see this all come together. It is just amazing!

  7. Vicki

    Happy Mothers day to you too! And the piping is really doing great things for the jacket.

  8. Helen K

    Stunning! I love the piping. It looks beautiful. I am sure you will be asked where you got this. Very lovely work.
    Did you use the pique for the Hong Kong finishes as well. My eyes are failing me.

    • Yes, since I have so much of the white pique I used it for the binding as well. See? It really does pay to hoard!

  9. Adding the white piping was the piece de resistance! This jacket is looking sooooo good now!

  10. The white binding really makes ll the difference. Wow!

  11. What a difference the piping makes! The jacket looks gorgeous so far!

  12. Val Batty

    That jacket has turned out lovely with the flower placements, looks like it cost a fortune.

    Can’t help being nosy though, what explosion?

    • Val, you missed all the excitement! Just kidding, check out my post from the beginning of February – my gas grill exploded. Not fun.

  13. Ah yes walls of glass – we have 6!

  14. Cadienne

    Yeah, you get hotter and more humid there than here in south Louisiana. Run the fans!

    For mother’s day I took my girls and a friend to the Cochon de Lait (suckling pig) festival in Mansura, LA — mmmmmm…. cochon de lait, rice, gravy, sweet potatoes, cole slaw and rolls… shouldn’t have done that carnival ride afterwards, though. NOT a good combination of full stomach and whirling through the air trying not to hurl.

    Feeling better today, though.

  15. Your jacket inspired me to look at the pique cotton while at Hancock last week. They offered nothing as nice as your, but thanks for the inspiration to look at a cloth selection I usually pass by.