Pique Simplicity 2443 – Final

Woohoo, I am back on track now! I have eight jackets left and, counting May, eight months to make them. I was going to make the HP Wrapture jacket next but it’s so blistering hot that I may work on something else instead. But, first, I have to finish up the Princess shirt tutorial for my Etsy shop (which I hope will be this week!).

I had a tough time deciding on a closure for this jacket. Finally, last night – after a tall gin and tonic – I pulled the trigger!




Love, love, love the d-rings on the sleeves!


The directions instruct you to turn under the raw edges of the loop and topstitch it down. Binding the end with bias is much neater and less bulky, don’t you think?


Parting shot: I’ve got orchids galore! Here are just a few of my lovelies (the oncidium plants blessed me with hundreds and hundreds of little “dancing ladies” this year!):





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22 responses to “Pique Simplicity 2443 – Final

  1. Which do I love more the jacket or the flowers…I love them all.
    Your jacket is wonderful, the fabric is my favorit ( pique) and the placement of the bold flower motif is perfect. The juxtaposition of the hardware and software is stylish, edgy, and equals a magnificent jacket! Congratulations!

  2. That jacket turned out wonderful! I love the closures! The flowers are beautiful too!

  3. Miss Celie

    I have to tell you, this is just about the coolest jacket I have seen in a crazy long time. Seriously. Gorgeous.

  4. Colleen P.

    OOOOOH look at the gorgeous orchids! That’s a naughty trick to play, leading me on with this awesome jacket and then get me all distracted with pretty flowers! LOL!

    seriously, the jacket is amazing!

  5. Shams

    So beautiful, Gigi! I have been enjoying you construct this jacket and the finishing details are wonderful!

    And those orchids, to die for. 🙂

  6. You did that fabric justice! The jacket is as beautiful as your lovely flowers.

  7. Closures are perfect – the metal matches the D rings. Gorgeous jacket. And what lovely flowers!

  8. Jennifer

    I love, love, love this jacket!! I bought this pattern not that long ago I think I am going to have to make it. I also love the fabric!!

  9. What a beautiful job on this jacket. I love your choice of closures.The flowers are so pretty!

  10. As always, you did a beautiful job on the jacket. And I am just gaga for orchids. I wish I could grow them here, but they are just too delicate for New England.

  11. Sally

    Your jacket is just gorgeous as are your flowers! Also, can you provide a link to your etsy shop with your tutorials? TIA.

  12. Such a professionally sewn garment. Love it!

  13. ruth

    hello gigi – the jacket looks so smart and well sewn – a ‘good job’. i didn’t realise you had an etsy shop and would be interested in looking in.


  14. Mermie

    Gorgeous jacket and your orchids are amazing.


  15. Auntie Allyn

    Just fabulous . . . love the closures, haven’t seen those before but I will have to track them down now!! Your orchids must give you such joy . . . I’m going to try growing them (inside) one of these days.

  16. Heather

    P*E*R*F*E*C*T! Both the jacket and the flowers.
    Perfect doesn’t even come close to describing the complement/harmony between the jacket and closures. There is something else going on here that I can’t put my ‘fingers’ on. It will come to me in time.

  17. I love this jacket! The flowers and colors are so unique and I admire how you trimmed it. You are sure to receive lots of compliments on it. I’ve got this jacket pattern and am close to giving it a try. I am definitely inspired by your versions. Awesome!

  18. gorgeous jacket and gardener envy here!

  19. Summerset

    Absolutely gorgeous. Jacket and flowers.

  20. You did an outstanding job and the jacket looks DIVINE!! Thank you for letting us follow along!

  21. Great jacket. I love the placing of the flower print and the white piping! Wonderful!

  22. Meredith P

    I’m finally catching up on blog reading. This jacket is completely fabulous. Tim would be proud.