What’s next?

As I was browsing through my last few issues of Lucky last night, this little hooded jacket caught my eye. Yes! I thought, that is exactly what I need when I go to the lake over the 4th! You see, I shun the sun and like to keep my arms covered when I can. This is the perfect little jacket to toss on over a swimsuit when you’re out on a boat, isn’t it?


And, I found the perfect pattern (don’t you just love the pockets?):


I haven’t chosen the fabric yet but I’m sure something suitable will turn up in my stash. Notice how I’m sneaking in a few easy, breezy summer jackets? Some of the jackets I’ve planned for this year will be a bit more time-consuming so I’m trying to get a little bit ahead of schedule.

And, YIKES!, I found some beautiful white Spechler-Vogel pique at Cynthia’s yesterday (shame on me, I’m supposed to be on a total fabric fast!). Will I be able to restrain myself from shamelessly copying LindsayT’s jacket? I’m trying to resist but it would be soooo useful!



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13 responses to “What’s next?

  1. I love pique. I love white in summer. Your hoodie would be wonderful in this fabric, but only if you wear those old-fashioned roller skates!

  2. LOVE the pockets. The roller skates are a scream 🙂 but best to leave them out of the ensemble for the boat. You always look so chic, Gigi!

  3. Gigi – how aobut Ann’s patchwork for that hoodie?

  4. Deb Fox

    Gigi, I made that very same jacket when I was just a youngster, right out of high school and I loved it until it was literally worn to just threads…mine was in a red white and blue lightweight cotton plaid and it went with everything I owned, but looked super fab with jeans!

  5. Flashback! I made this jacket from tiny wale baby blue corduroy in college! I think it was the same size, too. Still have the pattern, of course! I remember it being great after I took in the sides and sleeve seams by at least a 1″ pinch on each side. It was way too baggy for me, but was perfect after the 4″ were cut out. Enjoy it!

  6. I love that you are using a vintage pattern to reproduce a current look! Very kewl!

  7. Colleen P.

    I think it’s a classic design and suits your intended use right down to the ground-can’t wait to see it! I’m kind of back and forth on the pockets-I’m sure you’ll make it wonderful!

  8. CGCouture

    Love the jacket I’m definitely going to try and find that little gem for my self. I think it would be very awesome rendered in the white fabric, and you could even hit it with some camp dry and make it repel water for those unexpected showers that come up. 🙂

  9. bakertoo

    What is Spechler-Vogel pique? Is that the company? Thanks.

    • Yes, Spechler-Vogel is the manufacturer. They make some really lovely fabrics including many used for heirloom sewing.

  10. Lindsay T

    Gigi, we are definitely on the same wavelength these days! I hope to soon make a hooded windbreaker for my daughter before she goes off to college. I found a vintage pattern (funny how there are no current anorak patterns these days) and I’m going to make it out of navy waterproof cottony fabric that FabricMart was practically giving away, and I’m lining it in an orange-and-navy flannel plaid (her college’s colors).

    And yes, copy away with that piqué!

  11. OMG–I had that pattern and made that jacket in the 70s! I used a blue woven fabric.