Simplicity 7715 – Part I

I spent some time this morning gathering up the supplies I need for my hooded jacket. I found some beautiful red cotton twill (from Spechler-Vogel – just gorgeous!) in my stash. It’s weighty enough for the jacket but lightweight enough for summer. I’ll also use a nice 2-way separator and white snaps on the pocket. I’m undecided whether to use white cord locks (definitely not these – they look a little off-white – but I have others) and ends or silver, we’ll see. These fantastic matte plastic snaps are from Snap Source. When they first started they had a wonderful selection of parallel-spring snaps (now they only sell prong-style, I believe) and, of course, I have a good supply of them.


When I opened the pattern up last night I was surprised to see that it was printed in two colors. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before. There are two garments in this pattern (jacket and pants) and the instructions are printed on one page. I think there was a lot less hand-holding back in 1976! Now to decide whether I’ll trace it off or cut it…


I also finished up another robe this morning. I bought this beautiful, sheer cotton on Ebay quite a few years ago with the intention of making a robe. It’s unusual for me to choose a print like this but you can see from the photo below that the fabric is quite sheer so a wild print provides a little modesty. Besides, sometimes it’s fun to use something different for loungewear!



Notice that I matched the print on the pockets so that they disappear. I also added bands to the sleeves for a little more interest.


I still have a little over 2 yards of this fabric left so I think I’ll make PJ pants. You can never have too many pairs!


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11 responses to “Simplicity 7715 – Part I

  1. I’ve been sewing with Simplicity since I was 11, 1970 or so, and I’ve never seen color printing on any of their patterns before. Interesting!

  2. Summerset

    I love the red jacket idea. I’ve never seen multi-colored printing on a pattern before, I’ll have to peek at some of my 70’s era Simplicity patterns to see if any of those are printed like this one.

  3. vernonfashionstudio

    Love the robe! And that red jacket will be very cute.

    Linda T

  4. That robe is inspiring. I think I need one of those too. Love the print!

  5. I have a lot of Simplicity patterns and don’t recall seeing dual colors. Interesting. Love the robe!

  6. Miss Celie

    I’m totally loving this robe! I never thought about making one up that would actually be pretty.

  7. The robe is beautiful and you are the Queen of matching prints! Can’t wait to see how the hooded jacket progresses!

  8. Auntie Allyn

    How cute . . . love the print! I’ve never made a robe, but I think I may have to pick up this pattern. I’m thinking it would be fun to make up special ones for my girlfriends when they come visit me . . .

  9. Hi Gigi,
    I made up this pattern when I was in high school. I am glad I didn’t toss it. I made it in white denim. Separating zip, et al. …1976/1977. I was a fearless stitcher! Then I learned the rules of sewing…I love your version. I’ll check for the two colours on mine.

  10. Fabulous brown floral fabric! Perfect for your robe.

  11. mariebayarea

    love the floral pring. this robe is very pretty.