Simplicity 7715 – Part II

I spent a lot of time out in the back yard this weekend and so didn’t get much sewing done. I’m in the process of a complete backyard overhaul and am trying to get as much accomplished while it’s still bearable to work outside.

Last night I constructed the jacket hood. I bound the hood seam (using my 1 1/4″ plate binder) and used a Hong Kong finish on the casing edge. I had a yard of white-on-white striped English shirting in my stash which adds a little interest to the inside of the jacket.


I also completed the pockets. Ordinarily, I would have reduced the seam allowances here to 1/4″ for better accuracy but I didn’t want to cut into the pattern in any way and was too lazy to trace off a copy. Instead, I made two photocopies of the pattern, sprayed the back with a tiny bit of KK-3000 and used this as my stitching template. Since the pockets are a focal point, I wanted the shape to be perfect.


I also attached the snaps since it’s easier to do that before the pockets are sewn to the fronts.


Since this is a functioning snap (even though there’s no need for it to be), I’ll be able to open out the pocket for topstitching onto the fronts.



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4 responses to “Simplicity 7715 – Part II

  1. Theresa in Tucson

    Gigi, that is a very nice technique for the pocket and the top stitching is impeccable. I will have to remember that.

  2. Lindsay T

    Ditto what Theresa said on the pockets. Great tip!

  3. Love that – smart sewing. I almost expected the pockets to be piped with the smart binding in the hood!

  4. Alicia

    Looking good so far and executed flawlessly as usual. Thanks also for the tip about accurate topstitching.