Simplicity 7715 – Final!

I’m really happy with the way this turned out. It’s been awhile since I worked with a vintage pattern and I really enjoyed it. If I were to make this pattern again the one thing I’d do differently is sew the darts on the outside of the hood so that they aren’t so visible when the hood is worn down (since that’s the way I’ll be wearing it most often).

I ended up using silver cord ends (the type that you glue on) and skipped the cord locks altogether. Instead of making eyelets in the hood casing, I used size 00 grommets in silver.


I finished the hems and facings with a Hong Kong finish. All of the seams are bound for durability. I have to say I like the inside of the jacket as much as I do the outside!


Verdict: this is a really nice pattern that I would definitely make again (although not anytime in the near future since I don’t need two jackets like this).

Next up will be a quickie white pique jacket while I search for just the right cotton print to line my HP Wrapture Jacket.


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28 responses to “Simplicity 7715 – Final!

  1. I really like this jacket. The inside is really nice too. I’m inspired to go pull out some of my jacket patterns.

  2. Jackie O

    Very nice jacket, and quick too!

  3. Very cool jacket.

  4. CGCouture

    So cute, you are going to get lots of use out of this one I think. 🙂

  5. Came out very nice, love the red and white, very nautical without being “in your face” nautical.

  6. Vicki

    Wow, you can even make a hoodie look good!

  7. Great looking jacket. Red is such a nice color, especially if it happens to be a grey day! I like how the pockets with the snaps look too.

  8. It’s great. When I look at your jacket I see a stiped boat neck tee, shorts and a sail boat!

  9. Really beautiful jacket. Nice and sporty!

  10. So cute and beautifully constructed. Nice work!

  11. Beautiful jacket.. You did a fantastic job..

  12. Wow – you finished this really fast – I’m impressed. I haven’t been able to get to my machine in weeks, and I miss it! Love the color.

  13. KathyR

    Loved your beautiful lightweight jacket. I am interested in knowing how to learn about the Hong Kong finishes. Can you help direct me?

  14. Karen

    Gigi this turned out so cute! You sure whipped it out quickly. Saw your post of the vintage pattern and I swear I made this when it was new and wore it a lot! Looking at making some hoodies again… something for a biking date this weekend…hmmm…
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Red! there’s nothing better than a fresh red jacket.

  16. That is a cool jacket… love the shoulder detail.

  17. Theresa in Tucson

    The Yearof the Jacket? Hmm, I think I’m going to tag along. I’m going to need some dog-walking jackets for this fall so your ideas are throwing off head sparks. Very nice jacket.

  18. Great job, love the red. Interested in those hong kong finishes , they make the inside look as nice as the outside.

  19. subversivesewer

    I love this jacket! And I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I love the last floral pique jacket you made- I still think about it every now and then! 🙂

  20. Oh Gigi! This jacket is fantastic! Wonderful job.

  21. Great jacket! Who would ever know it’s a vintage pattern.

  22. Auntie Allyn

    Love it . . . wearing something RED always makes you feel great!

  23. Lindsay T

    That is so preppy adorable! I only hope the one I make for Annie turns out as well. Thanks for the reminder about extending the zipper.

  24. Dei

    This is gorgeous and the detailing in perfection!

  25. Summerset

    Sorry I’m late on this, but you do know how much I love red and love that jacket! Well done and is the perfect weight for the beach and other outdoor activities.

  26. Dang Gigi, you are on a jacket roll! I’m loving this one too! All of the extra details is what makes it so special…so I just don’t believe that the next one will be a simple little pique jacket! 🙂

  27. It looks great!!

  28. mariebayarea

    great red color for this jacket.