Simplicity 7715 – Part III

Last night I attached the hood and installed the zipper. I always buy my zips long since they can always be shortened. On a molded plastic separator the teeth can easily be cut off with a small diagonal cutter. When the teeth are metal they must be pulled off (I use a pair of needlenose pliers). Once that was done, I added new top stops.


I attached the facings this morning so all I have left are the sleeves, side seams and bottom casing. I had thought about shortening this but when I tried it on yesterday I found this longer length perfect for over a swimsuit yet still short enough that I don’t look like I forgot my pants when I’m wearing shorts.


I should have continued the zipper tape all the way into the neckline seam allowance. Honestly, I don’t know what in the world I was thinking! I think I’m so used to installing exposed zips that I was on auto-pilot. It would be way too much work to fix it and I don’t think it’s worth the effort for a casual throw-on jacket. We all make mistakes!



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7 responses to “Simplicity 7715 – Part III

  1. Your jacket is turning out really nice.

  2. ruth

    yes, the jacket looks good, really ‘clean’ and neat. i wouldn’t bother about the zipper, yes it would have been better, with hindsight, to put it into the seam allowance, but it doesn’t look totally wrong. it certainly looks a lot more fun to sew than what i am sewing – a batting mattress cover for my bed.

  3. CGCouture

    So do you just re-use the zipper stop that was already on the zipper, or do you have to buy new? Thanks for the tip on pulling the teeth off, I’m getting ready to cut off a metal zipper (on some jeans that I’m *still* working on) and wasn’t sure exactly how to go about doing it and having it end well.

    Cute jacket! 🙂

    • I have never tried to reuse the existing stop. I keep a supply of brass and silver stops on hand – I think I bought them from Atlanta Thread.

  4. Looks great! I can see this with white duck capris and little red & white striped sandals.
    It is cute, your work is impeccable!

  5. You are obviously a perfectionist. I like the way you take us with you on the sewing journey. I’m far too lazy for that – I just show off the end product. It looks great so far.

  6. As a beginning sewer, every post of yours is an education. And I greatly appreciate you saying that we all make mistakes! I make TONS of them though I learn something every time.