Vintage Jacket Patterns

As if I didn’t have enough patterns already, right? I like to look at vintage patterns for inspiration as they often have special little details that you don’t see on modern patterns.

At first glance, this Vogue Young Fashionables (how cute is that?) is just a nice, basic jacket. The Etsy seller only showed a photo of the front of the envelope but when I read “center back pleat and back belt” in the description I had to hit the Add To Cart button! If the seller had included a back photo it probably wouldn’t have ended up in the clearance section.


Two of my favorite details, an inverted pleat and a back belt!


I couldn’t resist this one from McCall’s either. I love the front and back Princess seams and all of the little details. I do want to alter the mandarin collar so that it stands a little farther away from the neck, though.


Check out the wonderful seaming on this vintage Nina Ricci.



Last, but not least, I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments about my jackets! You’re all so nice. 🙂

Parting shots: Two weeks ago, Bryan and I were sitting on the couch and he turned to me and said “either I’ve had one too many beers or there are two Winnies in your backyard”. Sure enough, my neighbor’s kitten (whom I’ve now nicknamed “Mini Winnie”) was visiting!

She was back again yesterday morning and stayed long enough for me to get my camera. The one with the collar is my Winnie. She will be 13 this year and is such a petite little girl. It’s so funny to see her interact with a strange cat since the only other cats she knows are the ones that live with her.





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14 responses to “Vintage Jacket Patterns

  1. I constantly “stalk” etsy for vintage patterns. I too like the clean lines and unique details. Nice choice!

  2. Gigi, your radar for vintage jackets is amazing, I love them all. And the kitties are adorable!

  3. Colleen P.

    LOL-IThey really do look like Twinnie Winnies!

    I love the Vogue jackets, the back detail on the Nina Ricci one is really unique-I so hope you choose one of them to do during your “year of the Jacket”!

  4. You’re a lucky girl. Those patterns are awesome.

  5. Mary

    The McCalls pattern brought back memories for me. I made that “bomber syle” jacket in 1969 out of red shiny nylon – it was really cute and I felt so stylish. I wish I still had it.

  6. bakertoo

    Mini Winnie-that’s cute! And so are they. Thanks for the photos.

  7. Auntie Allyn

    Love the vintage patterns . . . seems like the majority of my sewing projects these days use vintage patterns. I especially love the Nina Ricci pattern . . . can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  8. sewforward

    I love the Winnies! My cat could be a cousin to yours – he has the same coloring. He isn’t allowed outside anymore (too many coyotes) but he loves to watch the world from his window.

    Your sewing is so inspirational. Your jackets have been stunning I always look forward to your blogs – thanks so much.

  9. Summerset

    Those are some awesome jacket patterns – I love the first Vogue best.

    The Winnie-twins are neat. I think I’d have to look twice too, to make I wasn’t a bit crazy.

  10. Lindsay T

    Just getting caught up on my blog reading. I love your white jacket! The buckles on the pockets—marvelous! This reminds me I must wear my jacket now that it’s past Memorial Day and white jackets like this one are de rigeur.

  11. RobbieK

    I love to see your creations. Your sewing is inspiring! Love the vintage Nina Ricci, too.

  12. vernonfashionstudio

    I love the back on the Nina Ricci jacket! Stunning!

    The kitties are adorable!

    Linda T

  13. Once I get my “old” body again, I need to sew up some of my vintage patterns! Mini Winnie (we do have a sausage brand called that :), they are very short and for kids) and Winne are too cute!

  14. Awwww… kitties! Winnie and Minnie (Mini Winnie) 🙂